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Let There Be Transparency: 14 Seasons Of ASO/WAC 990s

During the Minnesota Orchestra lockout, one of Adaptistration’s most popular articles related to that topic was when I made more than a decade of the organization’s IRS returns available for download in one handy pdf file. Typically, that info is secured under digital lock and key in my consulting resource vault but I’m already witnessing […]

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Deconstructing Some Spin From Atlanta

One of the more confusing aspects related to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) lockout is how the relationship between the ASO and the Woodruff Arts Center (WAC) impacts the organization as a whole. We’ll be diving into those issues as they relate to board governance in a future article but for today, we’ll examine the […]

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It’s The Eleventh Hour For Responding To Net Neutrality

Many thanks to Thomas Cott for reminding everyone via yesterday’s newsletter yesterday that Monday, 9/15/14 is the deadline for submitting your comments to the proposed changes that would gut Net Neutrality as we know it. If you’re just coming in on this issue, here’s what you need to know in a nutshell: it’s a terrible […]

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Adaptistration Jobs  +10 awesome

Adaptistration Jobs Just Leveled Up To +10 Awesome

Adaptistration Jobs has really taken off this year and I’m pleased to announce two new features that will make it even better than before, one for job posters and one for job seekers. Job Posters: Application Deadlines Job Seekers: Custom Job Alert Emails You can now create, save, and manage job searches and create alerts […]

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ASO Musicians Accuse CEO Of Mendacity

According to an article by article by Howard Pousner in the 9/7/2014 edition of the Journal-Constitution’s Arts & Culture blog, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) musicians accused the orchestra’s President & CEO, Stanley Romanstein, of failing to make good on promises following the 2012 lockout. The musicians claim that ASO leadership broke a 2012 promise […]

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Atlanta Symphony Locks Out Musicians (again)

In 2012, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) musicians were locked out after refusing to accept sharply concessionary terms. Approximately one month later, the musicians ostensibly caved and agreed to large reductions in wages, number of musicians employed, and a decline in weeks from 52 to 41. Two years later, that agreement has expired and the […]

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Atlanta Stakeholders Dig In On Eve Of Contract Expiration

With the current agreement set to expire on midnight, 9/6/2014, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) musicians issued a press statement that makes it clear that a deal is unlikely; moreover, they single out ASO President & CEO Stanley E. Romanstein as the individual responsible for revenue performance shortfalls. The genuinely interesting element within the musicians’ […]

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