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One of the historic buildings in Bhaktapur; 2010 and post earthquake.

How You Can Help With Nepal Relief Efforts

Devastating news continues to pour in from Nepal in the wake of their worst earthquake in 80 years and if you’re like many, you want to do something but don’t know where to begin. To that end, I would like to encourage everyone looking for focused connection to consider donating to the Unatti Foundation. Founder […]

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Why yes, that is a score for Sibelius' Finlandia. Where you expecting something else?

Everything Old Is New Again

With all the attention these days on orchestras needing to get out of their primary venue and into unconventional spaces it is easy to forget that this is not exactly a unique idea. In fact, it’s been around for a lot longer than most folks realize and a recent trip to a favorite historic stock […]

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Eventbrite Crosses Another Game Changer Threshold

One year ago, we examined the latest offering from online ticket provider Eventbrite (EB) in the form of their reserved seating feature and on 3/23/15, they expanded on this with a full-fledged individual seat selection functionality. Geared very much toward performing arts orgs and presenters, the expanded offering includes the same dynamic seat map creation […]

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Get Your Social Event Groove On

From 2005 through 2013, during the month of April, the Take A Friend To The Orchestra project featured more than a dozen critics, bloggers, musicians, classical music enthusiasts, and administrators writing about how average patrons throughout the country can invite friends who don’t regularly participate in live music events to a performance in your area. […]

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Are You Prepared For Google’s Big Algorithm Change?

Tomorrow, 4/21/2015, is the day Google will fully implement the latest major change in its search algorithm and if your site isn’t prepared, you can expect a world of hurt via your search rankings. Simply put, it’s all about meeting Google’s new mobile friendly thresholds; if your site is what Google considers mobile friendly it […]

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Adaptistration Jobs

Time To Shop For A New Gig?

The weather’s warming up and that means some minds are starting to think about greener pastures. To that end, Adaptistration Jobs has openings in Salt Lake City, Nashville, Erie, San Fran Bay Area, Washington D.C., Fort Worth, Omaha, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, and more. And in case you missed the news from February, you’ll find more […]

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Are You Experimenting With Personal Live Streaming Yet?

The live streaming provider wars have begun and the struggle to gain market dominance between Twitter owned Periscope and indie hit Meerkat is well under way. Playing out under all of this drama is the latest step in arts marketer evolution: just what the hell are we supposed to do with these platforms anyway?!? Tech […]

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