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How Much Did That Meeting (Or Rehearsal Error) Really Cost?

In 2007, I published an article with this very title so as to highlight a handy online tool designed to calculate the cost of meetings. Unfortunately, that tool faded away over time but something new from Harvard Business Review (HBR) has more than filled that void. HBR’s Meeting Cost Calculator is a wonderfully simple and […]

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All About Orchestra Negotiations

Last May, we examined some new capacity at Adaptistration which provides the ability to package several articles on related content into an easy to find resource. Fortunately, metrics made it easy to determine what readers are looking for and for the past year, the most searches focus on how orchestra negotiations work. As a result, […]

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What Happens When A Contract Expires?

Just because the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between an orchestra and its musicians expires doesn’t mean the organization necessarily comes to a screeching halt. Although it certainly adds an additional layer of pressure to negotiations, in most cases, the employer continues paying wages and benefits under the terms of the expired agreement until a new […]

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Is Global Warming Something Orchestras Have To Worry About?

The 9/3/2016 edition of the New York Times (NYT) published an article by Justin Gillis that reports on the initial stages of coastal flooding resulting from global warming. Normally, this isn’t the usual sort of thing one might associate with the orchestra field; then again, times are far from “normal.” The detailed article examines severe […]

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Negotiation Update 2016

Most professional orchestra collective bargaining agreements expire during the summer months and since the economic downturn, it is increasingly common to see groups continue negotiating past the current agreement’s expiration date. A decade ago, that used be cause for alarm but in today’s environment, it is practically standard operating procedure assuming groups don’t manage to […]

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Click Click Done Microsite

Tap Into The Click. Click. Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills Microsite

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that providing a dedicated micro-site for presentations and lectures is a terrific way to enhance the learning environment. That was exactly the case with the 2016 Arts Midwest pre-conference session Click. Click. Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills and I’m pleased to share the site with Adaptistration readers. […]

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