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Here’s Hoping Some Good Comes From All Of The Klinghoffer Hoopla

The opening night for the Metropolitan Opera’s production of The Death of Klinghoffer came and went. The protesters dissented and few even attempted to disrupt the performance albeit, fortunately, to no avail. If nothing else, the media storm attached to this particular performance will hopefully serve as the high water mark for John Adams’ embattled […]

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Some Amazing Design Tools To Improve Accessibility

Toward the top of any good arts marketer’s tech resource list is, which published a fantastic article yesterday by design consultant Cathy O’Connor about design accessibility for online content. In short, there are some astounding tools available that help you simulate what users with one or more visual impairments experience when visiting your online […]

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Click. Click. Done. Sign Up For The ArtsHacker Launch

ArtsHacker is marching steadily toward an early December launch and you can now sign up for the official launch notice (and maybe just a few special sneak peeks). While you’re at it, get your social on and connect via Twitter and Facebook where you can leave a question or topic suggestion for one of the […]

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L to R: Stephen Paulus, Alex Shapiro, and me at the 2009 Midwest Clinic.

A Sad Day: Stephen Paulus Has Died

Fifteen months after suffering a stroke composer Stephen Paulus passed away on 10/19/2014 and the field is better having him been a part of it. In addition to being a gifted and successful composer, Paulus was a genuine entrepreneur composer who was decades ahead of his time and generously shared his time and wisdom with […]

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Downfall. Orchestra Style.

In what might be one of the funniest things to hit the field since Ryan Gosling, Arts Administrator, an orchestra version of the long running Downfall meme hit YouTube on 10/11/2014. If you aren’t already in the know, the Downfall meme is a series of videos based on the climactic scene from the 2002 German […]

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No News Is Bad News In Atlanta

It appears that mediation is having little impact at resolving the lockout between the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO)/Woodruff Arts Center (WAC) and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players’ Association (ASOPA). The 10/16/14 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Arts & Culture blog featured a post by Howard Pousner which reports that the ASOPA has become frustrated after […]

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Joe Patti Gets Ready For ArtsHacker

ArtsHacker won’t likely be up and running until November/December but that isn’t stopping Joe Patti who posted a wonderfully informative overview of written agreements by demonstrating that not everything presented in written form is set in stone. Patti’s article is an excellent example of the sort of nuts and bolts content you can expect at […]

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Vertically Integrated Mahler

The orchestra field isn’t one to benefit from microeconomics like other fields; case in point, vertical integration holds limited value for performing arts organization business models. At least, not until you drill down into hyper-niche sectors. What is vertical integration? Let TV explain… As Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon, realizes, there’s a dark side to […]

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