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Why Yes, You Should Talk To Your Neighbors About Saving The NEA

Work deadlines and preparations for the string instrument cost of ownership mega-article are keeping me at max capacity busy so today’s post is a pointer to an enormously useful resource article from Joe Patti on why it is important to talk to your neighbors about saving the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and how to go about doing it. In turn, Joe’s article forks a post from Margy Waller on the same topic. You should definitely give her post a read as well. What are you waiting for? Go, read, and turn […]

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String Instrument Cost Of Ownership Sneak Peek

I am all kinds of excited to say that the impending String Instrument Cost of Ownership article is going to be a full blown interactive infographic! All things being equal, it should be up on Friday or Monday and to give you an idea of what’s in store, here’s a sneak peek at the violin cost of care graphic currently in development. The final version will have more than a dozen elements highlighting costs for common maintenance and repair items with both career and per instance values. You can also expect to […]

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Project Fi

Good News For Anyone Considering Google Fi For Company Cell Phones

If your organization has ever considered Google Fi for your company cell phone provider, you probably noticed one big drawback in that the service was only offered via individual plans. The good news is Google introduced a new group plan in 2017 so it may be worth a second look if you passed it over for that reason previously. Back in May, 2016 we took a look at how cost-prohibitive it is for most performing arts organizations to provide employees with company cell phones. At the same time, Google’s Project Fi was […]

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Taking Another Look At Individual Musician Instrument Costs

Recently, my wife, Holly Mulcahy, wrote an article for that chronicles her recent work preparing for the concertmaster solo in Mahler’s 4th Symphony. What makes the solo unusual is it requires the concertmaster to prepare an additional violin tuned higher than the instrument’s regular tuning and use that in addition to his/her regular instrument. The article contains plenty of artistic insight goodies but one item that flies under the radar is the added costs involved with preparing the second instrument. Setting aside the costs of purchasing or renting an additional instrument […]

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