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Happy Memorial Day!

Whether you’re home all day enjoying the holiday with family and friends or your orchestra is putting on a performance today, try to take a few moments to remember the reason for the holiday. Furthermore, take a moment to remember that the single largest employer of full-time professional musicians is the United States Armed Forces… […]

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Good News Friday

Just a quick post today to link over to some recent good news articles from the field at large. The Albuquerque Journal published an article on 5/20/2015 by Donna Olmstead that examines how the Santa Fe Opera Festival’s season inspired the Santa Fe School of Cooking to develop a five course meal inspired by each […]

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THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU to everyone who voted for The Venture Platform in Chase’s $100,000 Mission Main Street Grants® program. In the space of four short days, you helped us cross the 250 unique votes needed to put Venture’s application into the evaluation round that will determine the recipients in September. For […]

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Are You Using Gravity Forms? If So, You Need To Update

If you or your organization is using Gravity Forms, from RocketGenius, Inc. then you need to update to the latest version ASAP. The most recent version is 1.9.9 and the need to update comes after security provider, Sucuri, uncovered security issues and vulnerabilities in multiple older versions of the plugin, which have resulted in thousands […]

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Let’s Put An End To The #SustainabilityMyth

There are plenty of reasons to love Vu Le’s Nonprofit with Balls blog and one of the most compelling is his ability to speak the pain truth and help adjust perspective away from the cascade of chatter that floods our field; so much so, it ends up hijacking strategic thinking. Case in point, in Le’s […]

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250 Votes In 32 Days

Mission Main Street Grants® is a grant program by Chase to award twenty (20) small businesses with grants of $100,000 and in an unusual twist for our field, the program is open to for-profit businesses only. As such, I’ve submitted an application for The Venture Platform and I need your help to reach the program’s […]

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Loads Of New Openings!

Simply put, interns are fantastic! And thanks to some intern powered efforts, there are a slew of new openings posted at Adaptistration Jobs. In addition to the additional listings, we have a few extra surprises up our sleeve: Take a moment to see what’s new and know that we’re going to be releasing a string […]

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