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Fort Worth Symphony Just Lost Half Of Their Season

Fort Worth Symphony Just Lost The First Half Of Their Season

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) just crossed another major threshold in their ongoing work stoppage in the form of cancelling all remaining event activity through the end of 2016. For orchestras this size, the winter holiday season is one of the most lucrative earned income opportunities over the course of the season so the […]

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A Broader Perspective On How And Why Arts Managers Change Jobs

Last September, we examined the results from a survey designed to learn more about what influenced orchestra managers to change jobs in a pair of articles (part 1 and part 2). The results were fascinating enough that I ran a similar survey at to gain a broader perspective beyond the orchestra field. I published […]

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Was Your Website Caught Up In Last Week’s Big DDoS Attack?

Granted, with all of the election coverage, you may have missed last week’s big news item about the “Doomsday of DDoS attacks” and if your organization’s site wasn’t impacted, then you probably made it through blissfully unaware of the havoc unfolding elsewhere. Nonetheless, this wasn’t a one-off event so here’s what you need to know […]

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Is There A Tiny Ray Of Hope Developing In Pittsburgh?

The 10/20/2016 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article by Elizabeth Bloom which takes a Forward 1 Somersault Straight right into the heart of issues we examined earlier this week via the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) work stoppage. Bloom’s article provides additional examples illustrating what is perhaps best described as counterproductive entrenchment such as […]

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Arts And The Election

Yes, the third presidential debate was held last night. No, we aren’t discussing it here. Instead, let’s take a moment to examine American’s for the Arts’ (A4A) ArtsVote2016 resource center. Once you get past the user interface, the A4A’s resource is an entirely useful resource when it comes to determining which candidates you opt to […]

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Pittsburgh Symphony Cancels More Concerts. Disagreements Over Disagreements Abound.

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) recently announced another round of event cancellations through November 18, 2016. Although cancellations are par for the course during a work stoppage, what makes this round of cancellations unusual is they appear to be driven more by brinkmanship than an inability to reach an agreement. Failing to reach an agreement […]

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