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Upgrade Windows 7 And 8.1 Without Spending A Dime

Every time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, nonprofit arts managers feel a tight twinge in their chests because they know anything from Microsoft doesn’t come cheap. Well brace yourself for some good news because the folks at Redmond have decided that Windows 10 upgrades are free for all Win7 and Win8.1 users during […]

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Net Neutrality Crosses A Positive Threshold

The ongoing struggle to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISP) from restricting, or even blocking, content for pretty much any reason they see fit crossed an important threshold on 2/26/2015 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a new net neutrality plan which reclassifies broadband internet as a Title II public utility. Reclassifying broadband providers, including mobile […]

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Someone Tell Carnegie’s Perelman That Millennials Do Like Classical Music

As an interesting juxtaposition to what incoming Carnegie Hall board chair, Ronald Perelman, apparently believes is a general distaste for classical music among the Millennial generation, CityScope magazine recently published an article by Karen Wilson titled Elegant, Evocative, Edgy — The New Face of Classical Music that focuses on a group of classical musicians in […]

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Chairs Are For Chumps

I am eyeball deep in eleventh hour activity for a mega Venture Platform event manager upgrade (more on that next week) and that means 14 hours work days; consequently, it is times like this that make me oh-so-grateful to have made the plunge into ditching expensive office chairs in favor of a motorized adjustable desk. […]

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How To Lose Donors & Alienate Patrons

In case you’ve missed it, the incoming board chair at Carnegie Hall, Ronald Perelman, has made it clear that he wants to fill that venue’s event calendar with more pop acts like the type he remembers from the 1950’s and 1960’s. At least, that’s what he told the New York Times in an article by […]

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Read At Joes

I want to take a moment to highlight the 11 year anniversary for Joe Patti’s excellent culture blog, Butts In The Seats; Musings on Practical Solutions For Arts Management. I was enormously pleased when Joe decided to include his blog among the Inside The Arts ranks and with more than 1,600 posts it is one of […]

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You Get An Extra Day To KILL DE WABBIT!

On January 22, 2015 we took a look at how a New York Philharmonic (NYPhil) promo video on Facebook for their Bugs Bunny At The Symphony II show managed to go viral along with its impact on ticket sales. As a worthwhile follow-up, it is worth pointing out sales were so high, the NYPhil added an […]

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There Are Firsts And Then There Are Firsts

News is aflutter now about the Minnesota Orchestra heading to Cuba to be the first US orchestra to perform there since President Obama took steps to normalize relations between the countries in December 2014. That last part is emphasized because the more this news makes the rounds, the more that point gets glossed over; so […]

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