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To Subscribe, Or Not To Subscribe, That Is NOT The Question

There’s an interesting post from Jill Robinson at the TRGArts blog (Robinson is President & CEO of that consulting firm) where she examines the value of traditional subscriptions within the current arts marketing environment. The post presents some case study data to support the continued viability of that revenue stream but it never ceases to […]

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Funding Rights And Accurate Program Costs And Bears. Oh My!

Joe Patti recently published a terrific pair of articles from his Info you Can Use series that are well worth your time. Know Your Funding Rights examines a nonprofit’s right to apply overhead expenses to program costs for grant applications and his follow-up post, Figuring Out True Program Cost, is geared toward helping groups get […]

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Reader Request: How Do Negotiations Work?

I’ve been combing through the 2015 reader surveys and one response to the question “Which topics you would like to see covered?” caught my attention; specifically, the reader wanted to know about how the bargaining process actually worked. The reader indicated a level of frustration with traditional media coverage in that it doesn’t describe what […]

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Broadening The Perspective On Equal Pay For Equal Work

When we started examining the topic of equal pay for equal work as applied to substitute orchestra musicians, otherwise known as parity, we compared the parity rate at US and Canadian orchestras in an article from 2/26/2014. At that time, just over two thirds of Canadian symphonic orchestras maintained parity, which was twice the rate […]

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Get To Know Your Millennials

I published an article today at that examines an entirely useful infographic from about the marketing and employment habits of Millennials. It’s a wonderfully comprehensive infographic in that it doesn’t gloss over a few key points and instead, focuses on a broader data cross section. At the same time, the data is presented from the […]

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Labor Unrest Continues To Impact Retention

There’s a fascinating article in the 1/22/2015 edition of by Mark Gresham featuring an interview with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s (CSO) new Principal Bassoon, Keith Buncke. Prior to winning the CSO audition, Buncke served in the same position with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and when asked about that organization’s recent lockout and history […]

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Apparently A Lot Of People Want To KILL DE WABBIT!

On 1/16/2015, The New York Philharmonic (NYP) posted a video clip on their Facebook page of the Bugs Bunny At The Symphony II show to help promote their events on 5/15 and 5/16. Since then, it’s racked up more than 3 million views, nearly 25,000 likes, over 1,400 comments, and more than 66,000 shares. For […]

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Three Big Mistakes To Avoid When Negotiating Overscale

Part of my traditional consulting includes providing direct negotiation services and/or providing negotiation counsel and support for musicians, executives, music directors, and boards seeking to create or amend an individual work agreement. For musicians, these are colloquially known as overscale contracts and among those three stakeholders, it isn’t unusual to see a musician inadvertently limit […]

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