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Tell Me What You Know! Live Chat Patron Support

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague yesterday asking what I knew about live chat services to field patron inquires as an addition to email, phone, or social media offerings. From a technical perspective, it has never been easier to implement a solution, like, via your website but it is still rare to […]

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Glib Gelb’s Garish Gaffe

Over the weekend, the Metropolitan Opera (Met) Orchestra musicians and their employer engaged in a round of he-said, she-said PR exchanges in the wake of the musicians 84 page document examining what they define as administrative failings. Granted, there’s plenty of material there worth exploring but today’s post is going to examine a crucial bit […]

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Some Historical Perspective On Met Labor Relations

The 7/23/2014 edition of New York Times published an article by Michael Cooper that reported on the communication from the Metropolitan Opera (Met) to its employees informing them to anticipate that they will be locking out union employees whose contract expires on July 31, 2014. What’s interesting to note in Cooper’s article is reference to […]

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Are You Making This Critical Mistake?

There is a fascinating post by Joe Patti up at Butts In The Seats, which in turn, is examining a post from Brian Taylor Goldstein, Esq at MABlogs about ownership of an artist’s booking data; for example, name and contact information for arts org artistic administrators or performing arts center venue managers that are either […]

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Yep, Email Newsletters Are Still Awesome

It can be all too easy to overlook the need for driving email subscription conversion but make no mistake, email is still an enormously powerful tool, even in the wake of SMS and social media based messaging. Nonetheless, after taking a closer look at Adaptistration’s Weekly Email Subscriber list the other week and noticing the […]

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The Golden Age Of Orchestras & Operas Are At An End

If you’re the type of person who forms an opinion about an article by reading the headline, you may be disappointed with today’s post. This isn’t going to be a lengthy commentary on how the field is overbuilt, classical music is dying, and the only way to save the future is via wholesale slashing of […]

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Time To Update Your Passwords

It’s been more than a year since the last reminder which means it is high time to remind everyone to update your passwords, especially ones related to work at your arts org. Hacker activity hasn’t subsided since a big spike at the beginning of the calendar year and one of the most useful steps in […]

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