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Government Affairs Committee Action Item Friday

If your organization has a government affairs board committee (spoiler: it should) it has no shortage of action items to address. Here are few that should be on your radar. One item of note comes from a recent Opera America email urging members to contact their members of congress to “share stories about how the charitable deduction supports opera, community initiatives and jobs.” They even provide a link to a form letter with copy urging representatives to preserve existing charitable giving incentives. Another item comes from Guidestar, which published an article by […]

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You Mean I Can Get Paid To Be On Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram?

There have been several interesting listings posted at Adaptistration Jobs recently and one that stands out is a full-time position (with benefits!) for a Social Media Coordinator at Town Hall Seattle. It’s good to see arts organizations not only but embrace these positions as an integral part of successful marketing performance. In full disclosure mode, Town Hall Seattle is a client of mine but I can say with no reservations everyone I work with there is a delight. They provide their community with a unique mix of civic, arts, and educational programs. […]

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San Antonio Symphony Gets Hit With A Data Breach

The 2/14/2017 edition of the San Antonio Express-News published an article by David Hendricks that reports on a data breach at the San Antonio Symphony (SAS). According to the report, hackers managed to secure “the names, birth dates, social security numbers and addresses for about 250 employees.” The data breach, which is thought to have occurred Monday and was discovered that afternoon, didn’t compromise data for donors, season-ticket holders or other patrons, said symphony President David Gross. “None (of those) were at risk. That information is kept separately and is protected by […]

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Are You Subscribed To Adaptistration’s Per Post Email Notices? If So, You May Need To Resubscribe

You know what they say about best-laid plans and even though Adaptistration has relied on WordPress to deliver its per-article email notifications for the last several years, some recent changes in how they manage that process makes it a less reliable option. More importantly, it seems that they’ve “temporarily” misplaced the blog’s existing subscription list. So while they are trying to find out what happened to it, anyone who was previously subscribed should take a quick moment to opt for the better-safe-than-sorry choice and resubscribe. And no worries about any potential for […]

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Become A Smart Object Hero

The good news is that high quality software and apps, such as Adobe Creative Suite, are becoming increasingly more affordable for nonprofit performing arts originations. The bad news is that because they’ve been unobtainable for so long, too many managers don’t have the skills they need to really maximize what they can accomplish with those tools. Sure, you can explore options for taking in-person or online courses but that’s where time and budgets begin to push back. Fortunately, we’ve been chipping away at this skills gap at ArtsHacker bit by bit. One […]

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