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Betty White Wants You To Change Your [*******] Password Already!

I realized earlier this week that it has been awhile since I posted a reminder about updating the passwords you use for personal and business accounts. As such, let’s get down to it. It Takes More Than Capitalizing The First Letter Of Your Old Password The sad truth is most passwords are awful; they are easy for hackers to crack because they are common phrases or numerical sequence like “123456.” And changing your password from “mahlerrox1” to “Mahlerrox1” doesn’t count as an improvement. Fortunately, improving this part of your online security is […]

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Waiting For Godot, Milwaukee Style

In the wake of what seems like an ironic number of Charlie Brown football gag style attempts over the past 20 years, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) appears to be on a strong path toward finally kicking that ball in the form of obtaining their own concert hall. According to a report by Ben Jordan in the 1/10/2017 edition of (Milwaukee NBC affiliate), the MSO is more than halfway to their fundraising goal of $120 million to purchase and restore the Warner Grand Theatre in downtown Milwaukee. The MSO announced their plans […]

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The Recent Round Of AFM-EPF Pension Headaches

Pensions; can’t live with them, can’t avoid a crippling social collapse without them. Recently, the American Federation of Musicians & Employers’ Pension Fund (AFM-EPF) Board of Trustees sent a letter to plan members explaining how the fund has suffered since the economic downturn and their plan for recovery. Unlike other union pension plans, the AFM-EPF is a defined benefit multiemployer pension plan. The organization describes the distinction to a single employer plan accordingly: A defined benefit plan specifies the benefits to which participants may become entitled. Defined benefit plans do not have […]

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There’s Nothing Quite Like a Good Photoshop Template To Make The Day Easier

Odds are, you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel when it comes to designing social media header graphics. Fortunately, there are several good resources out there providing templates to make the job easier. I published an article yesterday at ArtsHacker that provides links to a popular series of Photoshop templates from graphic designer Pauline Cabera at her website, If you’re looking to update your organization’s social media graphic design, do yourself a favor and check out those templates. Cabera does a great job explaining how to accommodate design needs across the oft-tricky […]

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Outreach Or Pandering?

One of the more sensitive yet pressing topics inside the field is how orchestras should go about creating stronger ties with their community and what does and does not constitute meaningful outreach. To better understand, let’s look at what might be best defined as one of the least effective examples where an orchestra will run an event in what they define as an “underserved” community or neighborhood. That’s usually code for areas populated by individuals and families in lower economic tiers and/or comprised of minority residents. Certainly, this is not a universal […]

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