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Venture Is… 2015

On Monday, 7/6/2015 Ceci Dadisman published an article at about a video production resource for budget conscious arts orgs and it looks like a great resource. In addition to custom video production, it is worth pointing out that if you have some Adobe After Effects skills under your belt, there are some wonderful turn-key […]

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Heading Toward A Dark Place In Hartford

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) appears to be the latest candidate for a particularly ugly labor dispute. Over the past month, several news outlets have been reporting on a deteriorating situation that appears to be headed toward one of two options: an imposed collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or a work stoppage. The 7/1/2015 edition of […]

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Some Good Thinking On How To Present Sensory Friendly Events

When it comes to performing arts and inclusion, one of the more recent issues is introducing elements related to structuring events around attendees with disabilities or developmental differences, especially families with Autistic members. To that end, Sarah Marczynski published a wonderfully informative article at on 7/1/2015 about that very topic that does an excellent […]

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Introducing Venture Arts Incubator

I’m very pleased to announce the official launch of Venture Arts Incubator (VAI), an incubator exclusively for businesses that cater to the arts field. VAI’s Success Is Measured By Participant’s Success Far too often good business ideas die early deaths due to a lack of resources and support during critical startup and stabilization phases and […]

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