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Why Are Executive So Keen On Breaking HR Rules?

It seems as though hardly a year passes that doesn’t have one or more incidents that give HR professionals heartburn. The latest is a whale among the minnows in light of news that recently departed Lincoln Center (LC) president, Jed Bernstein, left as the result of what the organization described as a “[violation of] Lincoln […]

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Workplace Satisfaction Among Opera Organizations

As promised at the conclusion of yesterday’s post examining workplace satisfaction among symphony orchestra institutions, today’s installment will take a look at opera employers. #Winning #Again Although there wasn’t as large of an uptick in opera organizations as compared to their symphonic orchestra peers, the number of groups with at least one review within the […]

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Checking In With The Movement To Improve Workplace Satisfaction

That last time we examined the value of improving workplace satisfaction within the orchestra field via grassroots efforts, we saw some improvement. Six months later, it is time to see where things are related to your efforts on increasing the quantity and frequency of reviews from arts administrators and staffers about their respective institutions at […]

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Toronto Symphony Appears To Be Stuck In Former CEO’s Legal Splash Zone

Toward the end of March, 2016 we examined the nasty PR mess the Toronto Symphony Orchestras (TSO) has been caught up in by way of the very public annulment legal battle between former president and CEO, Jeff Melanson, and his estranged wife, Eleanor McCain. Melanson, who departed his position after 16 months on the job, recently launched […]

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Improved Marketing In An Environment Of Utter Chaos

Among the most valuable responses that come in each year from the reader segmentation are the topics readers would like to see more of in the coming year. My favorite from the most recent bunch simply said “improved marketing in an environment of utter chaos” (I edited out a colorful adjective, you can have fun […]

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Do You Know About The Ten Point Test For Determining If A Worker Is An Employee Or Independent Contractor?

Pop quiz: do smaller budget orchestras classify musicians as employees or independent contractors? Regardless how you answered, you’re both right and wrong. But that question is beginning to move toward something more straightforward following a recent decision by the District of Columbia Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold a ruling by the […]

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