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Activate Search Tracking: Another Change To Google Analytics Anyone Can Do (and everyone should)

Knowing what visitors are searching for at your site is one of the most useful metrics you have to tweak content, adjust navigation architecture, and improve conversion but by default, Google Analytics (GA) does not track visitor searches. So even though you may notice the default menu item for Site Search via your Reporting admin […]

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Automate Your Audition Scheduling

Not long ago, I began offering Venture Platform users a reservation function via our e-commerce platform that also serves as an ideal tool for arts orgs to use for automating much of the audition scheduling process (including notifications, confirmations, and even changes). Even though it’s designed as an e-commerce function, it can be used in […]

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Knowing When You Shouldn’t Get Involved

One of the most frequent reader questions coming in from musicians is “do you ever write about [insert musician oriented topic here]?” By and large, although the topic may be fascinating it really doesn’t have much impact from an administrator’s point of view and unless its byproduct becomes something to be attended to administratively (such […]

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Using Pay-As-You-Wish Pricing To Self-Correct Artificially Inflated Ticket Prices

WQXR Blog published an article by Brian Wise on 7/21/2015 that examines Pay-As-You-Wish ticket pricing for classical music concerts, which was recently implemented in the U.K. via the Hallé Orchestra. Although it is doubtful that Pay-As-You-Wish pricing will become any sort of mainstream ticket strategy, it does serve as a worthwhile conduit for continued examination […]

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Please, Pretty Please, Stop Damaging Everyone’s Eyesight With Small Font Sizes

H/T to Thomas Cott for inspiring this latest entry into what seems to be an ongoing rant regarding font size. No, I’m not complaining about Cott’s font sizes, his are terrific, but one of the articles at included in his latest newsletter made me realize that there continue to be far too many arts […]

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Atlanta Sees A Sliver Of Sunshine

The 7/16/2015 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article by Howard Prousner that reports on some good news for the beleaguered Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) in the form of an undisclosed six figure surplus for the 2014/15 season that started off with a nine week lockout. Though final fiscal 2015 figures will not be […]

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So Many Fantastic New Openings

If you haven’t checked in at Adaptistration Jobs in a bit then you’re missing out; there have been more than a dozen new openings listed in the past two weeks alone and among those are some positions in historically coveted departments, such as the Milwaukee Symphony’s Director of Operations. Additionally, you’ll find listings throughout symphonic, […]

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