The power of blogging

One of my adult piano students tipped me off to a recent episode of Meet the Press, where one of the discussion topics was the effectiveness of blogs in politics.  Although I missed the episode, I did visit the Meet the Press web site and dug up some of their articles about blogging.

In particular, there were two good articles:  Business pros flock to Weblogs & Finding support online

Here’s a good quote from the first article:

Dan Gillmor, technology columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, says “My readers know more than I do, and that’s a liberating notion, not a scary one. Every journalist ought to realize it’s true. No matter what you cover, your readers know more collectively than you do. If we can capture that, we all come out ahead.”

Well amen to that.  And from the second:

Joe Trippi, campaign manager for Howard Dean says “Our campaign is built on empowering people to self organize and to make a difference in the campaign themselves, so we’ve developed a lot of tools on the Internet that you can do that with.”

Hmmm, that second quote sounds like a familiar idea .

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