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The Musicians Of Tomorrow A Follow Up

In January, I wrote a piece about how we can make better musicians for tomorrow by instituting a music business component into the standard music conservatory curriculum.  Since that time I contacted the top music conservatories in the US to see if they already had a music business component as part of their required curriculum.  I sent an email inquiry to the following conservatories and schools of music that have historically produced the larges numbers of professional orchestra musicians: Juilliard, Eastman, Oberlin, Peabody, Indiana University, Curtis, Northwestern, Rice, University of Michigan, Cincinnati, and [...]
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stop please

The Dismantling Of Middle League Orchestras

We all hear a great deal of opinion about the current “crisis” in classical music and this blog has been no exception. But I do get a fair amount of feedback from readers that think I’m overstating the issue.  I hear a great deal about how this industry has always had its ups and downs and that people have been proclaiming the death of classical music for decades, but it is still obviously around.  And in many instances those observations are right on target, so why should now be any different? (more…)

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HoloAbbado In 3D

Here at Arts Journal, they featured a story in the Miami Herald about a proposal from MIT students and The Cisneros Group that proposed the following high tech feature be incorporated into the new Miami Performing Arts Center: "a three-dimensional hologram of Claudio Abbado, the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, transmitted in real time, via Internet, from Germany, conducting the New World Symphony". Or as I like to call it: Star Trek Geeks + An Orchestra = Cool Ideas Being an avid Star Trek geek for many years, this idea instantly appeals [...]
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Concert Hall Postlude

I was thrilled to see fellow AJ blogger James Russell publish a piece about concert halls in his weblog today. He provides a bigger picture view of this bizarre dance entitled building a concert hall.  All in all, it's an excellent postlude to the concert hall piece that recently finished here. I've enjoyed reading James' articles since his weblog started a few weeks ago.  I have to say that in the past year alone I've learned so much about so many different forms of art in the ArtsJournal blogs than I have in the [...]
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