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Reader Response: Diminished Philosophy

I was very pleased to receive an email from none other than Adrian Ellis, the gentleman responsible for the quote I scrutinized line by line in my article Diminished Philosophy.  He ran across the article via a regular web search and felt compelled to write in order to further explain his views. We had a wonderful email exchange about our disagreements regarding the current nature of nonprofit industry in general and the orchestra business in particular.  Much of that email conversation focused on whether or not nonprofits really benefit from some sort [...]
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Impressions From Soundcheck

The train ride back to Baltimore yesterday provided me some ample time to reflect on what happened during the Soundcheck program yesterday with John Schaefer. One of the strongest impressions I came away with was how broad based the callers were.  I was fully expecting the vast majority of callers to be professional classically trained musicians; but in reality, it was the exact opposite. That simple fact went a long to way toward reaffirming something I've learned since starting Adaptistration almost one year ago; there is a much greater amount of interest [...]
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Soundcheck Archive Is Already Up

Those efficient folks over at WNYC have already put today's Soundcheck show about Inderal use up on their archive.  So if you missed the show (and the really great bit toward the end - it's worth listening to, very funny) you can listen to it at your leisure: I had a great time, everyone on the show was wonderful and it turned out to be a beautiful day in NYC.  If you did catch the show thanks for listening and feel free to send in an email with your opinions.
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I'll Be Appearing On WNYC Today

I’ll Be Appearing On WNYC Today

If you’ve ever wondered what the voice behind Adaptistration sounds like, you’ll get to satisfy your curiosity today.  I’ll be an on-air guest at WNYC today, here’s the details: When Tuesday, October 26th from 2:00PM – 3:00PM ET. Where? WNYC’s Soundcheck hosted by John Schaefer Topics of discussion: Inderal use among musicians via an article I wrote published at The Partial Observer Orchestra Website Review (time pending) How can I listen? If you’re in the New York city area, turn your radio dial to FM93.9 or AM820. If you don’t live in […]

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