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The Mouse That Roared Part 2

At the conclusion of Part 1, the community advocates at Save Richmond were just beginning to discover apparent discrepancies in the financial information claimed by the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation (VAPAF). In an attempt to verify the VAPAF's financial status, they took an unusual step of filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the VAPAF... Unfortunately, Save Richmond’s first FOIA request was rejected by the VAPAF (you can download a ..txt copy of the request here), the Foundation’s president & CEO, Brad Armstrong, sent Andrew the following email in response [...]
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The Mouse That Roared

The issues surrounding institutional transparency and patron empowerment are examined on a continuing basis here at Adaptistration. Recently, the two issues collided head-first in Richmond, Virginia when the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation (VAPAF) found itself at odds with a pair of local community advocates. The result was something akin to “The Mouse that Roared”... In this case, the role of the mouse is being played by a pair of local Richmonders: Andrew Beaujon (center, Ewa Beaujon is pictured to the left) and Don Harrison (right). Judging by the picture they submitted for [...]
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Concert Hall Projects Update: Richmond – Part 2

This installment will answer the questions from the conclusion of Part 1 as well as examine additional issues surrounding how the RSO plans to deal with continued artistic and customer service issues while living a nomadic existence throughout the coming years... So where will the orchestra perform while it’s displaced from its typical performance venue through 2008? Currently, the organization is performing the majority of their masterworks programs between three different church venues (performing in a different church for each performance), all of which hold less than 1000 patrons. I contacted RSO [...]
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Concert Hall Projects Update: Kansas City & Richmond – Part 1

The next two organizations in this series of follow-up articles are the Kansas City Symphony and the Richmond Symphony... Both of these organizations are in a similar position in that neither group is building their new hall under their own power. Instead, the new concert halls being proposed in each city are part of a larger Performing Arts Center complex which will include a new concert hall. As such, each orchestra’s future is inextricably tied into each PAC’s success. Maintaining A Holding Pattern In Kansas City In Kansas City, their situation can [...]
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