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And They’re Off!

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra recently announced that Junichi Hirokami will serve as the organization's next music director, beginning June 1st. This marks the first new music director appointment for 2006 and that fact in and of itself isn’t usually enough to stop the presses until you consider just how many orchestras are looking for music directors right now... Columbus was one of several orchestras currently engaged in a music director search in 2006. Off the top of my head, I can think of eight ICSOM symphony orchestras currently looking for music directors: [...]
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Embarking On An Innovative Project

At the beginning of January, 2006 I started work on a landmark, comprehensive project in association with Eastman School of Music’s Orchestra Musician Forum and… The project requires me to serve in two separate capacities; as the research principal for a qualitative, orchestra-musician focused research project designed to identify the issues and events which the professional American Orchestra musicians and to serve as Senior Editor, Special Projects for (coming in April, 2006). The Orchestra Musician Forum The Orchestra Musician Forum (OM Forum) was established under the auspices of the Eastman [...]
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A Good Example Of Cultural Reporting

A few days ago I published a piece about the importance of letting newspaper editors know you support and appreciate their decision to run classical music articles beyond mundane concert reviews. Recently, the Baltimore Sun published a piece by Tim Smith about the recent departure of James Glicker, the freshly resigned president & CEO of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, which is an ideal representation of the type of article I was referring to... The article reviews some of the heavy spin coming from Mr. Glicker himself over his personal summary of accomplishments [...]
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Koonsman Heading Back To Run Fort Worth

Sometimes executives simply don't work out with their orchestras. In Fort Worth, it appears that was the case with Katherine Akos, the executive manager who followed Ann Koonsman, long-time executive director for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra... Ann has a well known reputation for being a central figure in building the FWSO into what it is today and it’s good to see her stepping back in to take the reigns while they search for a permanent replacement. It’s not often the business is witness to this sort of event but hopefully the [...]
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