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Sick Day

My sincere apologies to everyone stopping by today expecting to see the details about Louisville Orchestra promised at the end of yesterday’s article. Unfortunately, my cold decided to go from bad to worse and I spent most of yesterday in bed. I am feeling better today so all things being equal, I should be able to put the finishing touches on the piece and have it up tomorrow. There is a bit of news today about Louisville, I made contact with both management and musicians; both said that mediation is continuing and [...]
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Something New At Adaptistration

You may have noticed that Adaptistration has a new advertiser, the Brevard Conference on Music Entrepreneurship. The three day conference sounds like a unique endeavor as it promises to “explore exciting career tracks beyond the traditional job pathways.” The website is well done and has all the information you need to determine if the conference is right for you. You can get to the site by clicking on the BCOME link button to your right. If you would like more information on advertising at Adaptistration, simply send me an email.
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Getting In On The Ground Floor Of Metro-Scale Wireless

How about this concept: iPod's are already obsolete (as well as the host of other portable flash-memory based music players). If orchestras can be forward-thinking enough, they might be able to get in on the ground floor of how the next generation of Americans will consume digital music... Metro-Scale wireless programs are on the drawing boards at several of the larger American cities. Their goal is to create city wide wireless system, allowing residents and visitors continuous access to the internet anywhere within their city limits (like the project being pursued in [...]
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Things Are Getting Ugly In Philadelphia

The continuing legal saga between the Kimmel Center for the Arts and Rafael Viñoly Architects (the architectural firm which designed the Kimmel Center) escalated into an ugly public confrontation last week. The 2/17/06 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article by Peter Dobrin which reports that Rafael Viñoly sent a letter to the Kimmel chairman accusing the PAC administration of mismanagement... The article quotes passages from Viñoly’s letter where he claims the Kimmel Center’s cost overruns were due to "late decisions and gilded tastes.” In an unsurprising move, Viñoly’s letter highlights [...]
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