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Archive | February, 2006

Who’s Afraid Of Opera? Apparently Bennett, Colorado

In Colorado, cultural awareness seems to be at an all time low as a local community makes plans to dismiss an elementary school music teacher for showing first, second, and third graders portions of an educational video designed to teach children about opera... Apparently, enough parents residing in the sleepy little bedroom town of Bennett, [...]
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Big News: Off To Chicago (permanently)

In the beginning of April, Adaptistration's global headquarters (my home office) will be relocating to Chicago… Why am I picking up and moving to the great city of Chicago (other than it actually is a great city)? Much of it has to do with the new work I’m doing in conjunction with Eastman’s new OM [...]
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At The NJSO, Is It The Chicken Or The Egg?

An article in the 2/8/06 edition of the New Jersey Star-Ledger by Willa J. Conrad reports that after more than eight months searching, the New Jersey Symphony Board is having trouble identifying a finalist for the position of president & CEO. The article goes on to report that the organization believes one of the contributing [...]
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So That’s What I Would Play

An ongoing problem in this business is the distinct disconnect between board members and musicians. I recently had a conversation with the director of a Mid-Atlantic area PAC that regaled me with a conversation he recently had with one of his local symphony’s board members... According to this manager, the board member was telling him [...]
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Examining Dallas’ “Bold Plan For Greatness” – Conclusions

Strategic plans are only as good as the people designing and implementing them. As such, a properly designed plan implemented by a core of capable executive managers, board leaders, and the music director can serve as a vehicle to limitless accomplishments… Not long ago I published a piece about the abundance of “Best Practices” throughout [...]
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