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BREAKING NEWS: Another Leadership Change At Louisville

It has been just over one week since former Louisville Orchestra general manager Robert McGrath announced he was leaving that position for a similar position with the St. Louis Symphony and now the organization’s executive director, Scott Provancher, has announced that he submitted his resignation to the orchestra’s board earlier today... Confirmation of Scott’s departure came during a telephone interview with him on 03/08/06. Scott said that he has had conversations with board president Joe Pusateri regarding the issue and he presented his resignation to the full board earlier today. “The decision [...]
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Oh, The Fees…The Fees

Blogger and San Francisco Classical Voice published a piece written by their critic, Lisa Hirsch, on 2/21/06 entitled The (High) Price of Music which examines the issues behind why already expensive classical music event tickets are even more expensive after you add the fees... Sometimes, those fees are downright staggering writes Lisa, The stated price is not always the final price, of course. Don't forget those pesky per-order surcharges, often called "convenience fees." They're sometimes charged for the "convenience" of phone orders, but are often added for Web purchases, even though online [...]
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