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For TAFTO, It Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word ‘Is’ Is

Quick: define the term "orchestral core audience". Apparently, TAFTO 2006 has sparked a great debate among some in the cultural blog-o-sphere over the concept of just how much impact a program such as TAFTO can have on the overall business development of classical music... “TAFTO is a cute idea, but you’ll never build a new audience from something like that.” I heard dismissive statements along those lines shortly after announcing the first TAFTO initiative in 2005 and a steady stream of similar statements has flowed across my voice mail and email in-box [...]
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Another Executive Opening

According to the 4/26/06 edition of the Roanoke Times, the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra executive director, Paul Chambers, has resigned from that position as of 4/25/06... The article by Kevin Kittredge reports that Chambers cited the “differences between himself and the artistic membership” as reasons for his departure. Before his tenure as executive director at the RSO, Paul was the executive director for the Savannah Symphony Orchestra, an ensemble which shut down in 2003 while under Chambers’ leadership (there has been no replacement ensemble to emerge in Savannah since then). According to the [...]
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I was delighted to discover the 4/25/06 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer has finally done something which should have been done a long, long time ago... In particular, the article, written by Inquirer music critic Peter Dobrin, reviews the orchestra of the Curtis Institute of Music. Nothing exciting or revolutionary there, right? However, this review actually pioneers some frontier by allowing you to listen to the precise portions of the concert which Peter is referring to in his review. As such, when Peter is writing about the oboist in a passage from [...]
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Third Time’s A Charm In Kansas City

The Kansas City Star published an article by Kevin Collison and Paul Horsley which reports the beleaguered Metropolitan Kansas City Performing Arts Center is finally back on track and building momentum once again... Julia Irene Kauffman’s visionary Performing Arts Center has had more than its fair share of bumps on the road. However, compared to similar PAC projects, their troubles haven’t been associated with funding so much as disagreements with the local government about location of the hall and parking facilities. Of the four concert hall projects which have been tracked for [...]
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TAFTO 2006 After Action Report

There’s been some intriguing follow-up action around the blog-o-sphere following this year’s TAFTO initiative... TAFTO 2006 contributor Brian Sacawa published an engaging exchange between himself and a TAFTO reader at his blog Sounds Like Now.Patty Mitchell, one of the TAFTO 2005 contributors & author of, weighed in on the 2006 initiative the other day where she examines her own response“that I found puzzling, frustrating, interesting and, finally, meh” Lisa Hirsch, another TAFTO 2005 contributor & author of the Iron Tongue of Midnight, was struck by Alex Shapiro’s 2006, a blog [...]
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