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Week Of Comments

It's been a busy week of comments at Adaptistration. In some cases, the comments are running longer than the original posts. Here are some of the great discussions currently taking place... The Showdown in Seattle article triggered some intense responses from musician readers on the issue of Seattle's union, IGSOBM: read comments here Readers had no problem offering up their own Definition of Majority following yesterday's article about process & procedure in the CSO: read comments here Finally, a few readers weighed in about What Makes Them Go "Buh?" in reaction to [...]
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Define Majority

Thanks to Marc Geelhoed over at his deceivingly straightforward blog, Deceptively Simple, for pointing out something I missed in the local Chicago news... In his June 27th blog, Marc provides a pointer to a letter written by Chicago Symphony bassist, Mark Kraemer, to the Chicago Tribune about the decision to name Daniel Barenboim "Honorary [CSO] Conductor for Life". Within the letter, Mark claims that less than half of the musicians were actually present during the meeting where the Conductor for Life resolution was proposed and voted. Of course, this has nothing to [...]
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Things That Make You Go “Buh?” – Fort Wayne

Every now and then I read an article that reports a situation that is so absolutely baffling all I can do is think to myself "Buh?" As such, I've decided to start a new series of articles entitled Things That Make You Go "Buh?". The inspiration for this series stems from a well written article appearing in the 06/27/06 edition of by Kevin Leininger... Kevin's article reports on the curious events surrounding a recent decision by the Fort Wayne Philharmonic board to reject the membership of an avid donor and long [...]
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Showdown In Seattle

Just how long is too long for a conductor to serve as music director? In Seattle, that question appears to be coming to a head following a three year contract extension for Seattle Symphony Orchestra music director Gerard Schwarz. This isn't the first time lightning has flashed in the SSO surrounding Gerard Schwarz and over the past few years, the frequency of flashes appears to be increasing... A slew of articles in Seattle based newspapers have been tracking the story as it unfolds. The nexus of the latest lightning strikes are centered [...]
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