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The Value Of Signage

Little things can make all the difference. For example, effective signage is more than just hanging up a poster or two... Depending on your point of view, the road leading to Teton Village, where the Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra performs, is a marketer's dream or nightmare. The village is constructed with only one road in and out so any advertisements appearing at that opening are guaranteed to be noticed by everyone visiting the village. I was pleased to see that the GTMF was able to get a big banner at that [...]
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Road Trip – Apparently, Good Samaritans Aren’t An Endangered Species

This article doesn't have much to do with arts administration but I think it's worthwhile to take a moment and recount what happened on the second day of our road trip to the Grand Teton Music Festival... We left our "room with a cornfield view" early in the Nebraska morning full of coffee and anxious to get the day's 11 hour trip over with. About 20 minutes into the trip, I noticed a red flash about a quarter mile ahead of us streaking across both lanes of I-80 followed immediately by an [...]
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Road Trip

It's music festival time and I'm off to the Grand Teton Music Festival for a working vacation. Instead of flying into Jackson Hole this year, the schedule allows for driving which routes the trip right through Nebraska. Upon arrival at the hotel, the congenial young lady at the check-in counter brightened up when she noticed the assigned room, "You're in luck, that's a room with the view!"... Apparently, the definition of "view" is subjective as the picture to the right demonstrates (that's a cornfield in case you were wondering - click to [...]
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Some Good Cultural Reporting In Tucson

The 07/20/06 edition of the Tucson Weekly published an article by James Reel that examines the current state of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra... I think it's important to point out examples of really good cultural journalism and this article fits the bill. Usually, these articles appear in papers that service larger size communities but I'm especially pleased to see an article of this quality appearing in the Tucson press. James' article does a good job of examining some American Symphony Orchestra League statistics and comparing those to the situation in Tucson. In [...]
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