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Appearing On WNYC Today

I'll be appearing today on WNYC's Soundcheck with John Schaefer between 2:20p.m. and 2:40p.m. ET today... Also on the show is none other than Dr. Thomas Wolf, author of the Magic Of Music final report, which has been the topic of examination for the past two days here at Adaptistration (Part 1 & Part 2). The show will feature discussion on what I found to be one of the report's strongest components: the effectiveness of classical music educational programs. Dr. Wolf's report did a wonderful job at highlighting the detailed research data [...]
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Knight And Day Part 2

Part 1 in this series examining the Knight Foundation's Magic of Music final report focused on a number of the most positive aspects of the report. This final installment will continue by examining some of the more puzzling components... After having the opportunity to read through the report, there were a few areas where the foundation appeared to make bewildering connections between data from their very useful classical music consumer segmentation study and programs initiated by participating orchestras. At the same time, I was glad to discover that, more often than not, [...]
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Knight And Day Part 1

Without a doubt, the Knight Foundation's Magic of Music program has had a sincere impact on the orchestras business. Several weeks ago, the foundation released a 59 page summary report authored by Dr. Thomas Wolf and after taking the time to go through the entire report I have a few thoughts... I feel the report was well written and did a good job at giving the reader a strong sense of what transpired over the decade the project operated. At the same time, there were a few places where I became puzzled [...]
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The Executive Shuffle: Where Are They Now?

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I took some time to perform some much needed behind-the-scenes maintenance at Adaptistration. During that process, I came across an article published on 02/03/2004 entitled The Executive Shuffle which examined the movement of orchestra executives across the country and after reading over the list of individuals on that list, I noticed that exactly half of them have already moved on to different positions. As such, I though it was high time to examine those changes and report on who moved where ... 1. Former Alabama Symphony executive Paul [...]
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