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Executive Profiles Part 1

The majority of executive administrators today tend to conform to one of three basic profiles: Managers, Leaders, or Builders. Naturally, individuals rarely conform to any one profile and some evolve from one profile to another throughout the length of their career.... Bear in mind, these profiles are based on observational knowledge supported by numerous events, acknowledged publicly and privately, over the past several years. As such, citing specific examples to support any positive or negative characteristic in each profile would ultimately be counterproductive. Instead, allowing the reader to apply events/individuals they have [...]
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The Last Best Place

I'm off to the Big Sky Country this morning for a business trip (a project I hope to be able to write about in a few months)... Unfortunately, preparations for this excursion combined with putting everything together for the accountants (yes, it's tax time again) prevented me from completing this article about the three basic types of orchestra managers - yet again. Regardless, I'll offer a bit of a preview by sharing the labels for each of the three types: Managers Leaders Builders In the meantime , I'm inviting you to think [...]
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Even Bribes Can Be Funny When You Rationalize It

Work continues to prevent me from writing about the topics I want to write about so today's article is a pointer to some terrific PR humor... Yesterday's Dilbert made me laugh out loud as I went to read the strip after receiving an unusually large number of PR's. I have to hand it to Scott Adams; it takes a sharp mind to convey what would otherwise be a good 30 minute conversation in three sentences. And having run across more than a few PR agents like the one in this comic strip, [...]
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Reflections On Management

Randy Adams' departure from the SLSO started to get me thinking... I began to imagine exactly what sort of executive administrator an organization like the SLSO could use at this point in its development. That line of thinking eventually led me to a place where I've spent many hours: classifying the three basic types of managers. Initially, I wanted to write about that topic for today but my work schedule has been absolutely swamped this week and the opportunity never developed. Nevertheless, I'm going to try and find some time today to [...]
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Randy Adams To Leave The SLSO In June

Yesterday, the SLSO announced that president and executive director Randy Adams was leaving the organization... According to a press released issued by the SLSO, Randy Adams decided to leave his position so the organization could find someone capable of meeting the organization's long term challenges. "I feel challenges do remain in the next several years," Adams said. "I also think it's best for the organization to have a person who can commit to the next five or six years." The SLSO reported that Adams will remain in his position through June, 2007 [...]
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