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Cartoon Caption Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for the Adaptistration Cartoon Caption Contest, they were all wonderful but only one for each cartoon could win... CARTOON #1 Caption Submitted by: Russell Maddox CARTOON #2 Caption Submitted by: Alan Valentine The judges had a difficult time selecting an overall winner for this carton. As such, I thought it would be fun to list the runner-ups: PATRON: But I have a box seat. USHER: I don't care if you've got a brass leg -- you'll sit where I tell you. ....and... "I'm sorry, [...]
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Some Follow-up From Northwestern Plus Odds & Ends

Yesterday's seminar at Northwestern University School of Music on discussing the realities of orchestra life went very well... To begin with, the turnout was splendid, over 30 students after hearing from a Northwestern rep the count was actually over 50, faculty, and administrators attended the seminar. Given the fact that this was entirely optional and scheduled immediately before a large ensemble rehearsal, this was a good sign that today's music students have a sincere interest in learning more about the realities that await them in the orchestra business. Although most of the [...]
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Lecturing Today At Northwestern University

I'm off to Northwestern University School of Music today to talk to students on the realities of entering a performance career... In particular, the seminar entitled "So, you want to be in an orchestra - a workshop discussing the realities of orchestra life" will focus on the inherent issues which shape the reality of winning, maintaining, and surviving a job in a professional orchestra. Yes, it is good to talk about how musicians might expand their roles in orchestras, better communicate with managers, or be more effective by learning how to simultaneously [...]
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Some Initial Volleys At The Value Of Free

Regular readers know the issue of ticket prices is a well worn topic here at Adaptistration but some new perspectives on the subject have surfaced from one of the sharpest up and coming journalists in the business... In particular, a recent article by Marc Geelhoed published at examines the pros and cons of offering free concerts in the new music field. Of course, there are some unique characteristics for new music ensembles as opposed to traditional symphony orchestras, nevertheless, Marc's article touches on one fundamental truth that runs evenly across both [...]
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Odds & Ends Roundup

Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of odds & ends floating around and it is high time to tie them up... Don't Miss There was a wonderful comment posted a few days ago to the A Tale Of Two Ticket Prices articles. The comment went up several days after the article was initially published so you likely missed it. However, I think the comment is important enough to repost here and is worthy of an entire series of articles (which are likely not far off): As an orchestra [...]
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