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David Patrick Stearns Gets It

The 05/30/2007 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an excellent article by David Patrick Stearns which examines the dynamic value of free and subsidized cost classical music events... In the article, Stearns quotes Free For All At Town Hall, a nonprofit organization which presents "great musicians in concerts that are free to the public in spaces that are good for both the music and the audience," cofounder Omus Hirshbein as saying this about how they manage to present such an exceptional classical music concert series: "You know that classical-music concerts never cover [...]
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Apparently, I’m Going To Concerts For The Wrong Reason

There is an absolutely wonderful article from the 5/25/2207 edition of the L.A. Times by Joel Stein that pulls no punches when it comes to the issue of concert attire... At the same time, the author presents on one of the most amusing opinions behind why people go to orchestra concerts. For as long as I remember, it has been about who, what, and where with regard to the music was but according to Joel it is all about getting lucky: Nobody is getting any after a date that involves Shostakovich played [...]
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Sometimes, Change Goes Too Far

The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, was once said "The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong." Apparently, the powers-that-be at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution subscribe to that axiom as evidenced by their recent decision to eliminate the paper's classical music critic... The decisions supporting these cuts are neither right nor wrong but they are certainly nonsensical. Apparently, the classical music critic post isn't the only position to be cut; according to a report at, the Journal-Constitution plans to eliminate several other full-time critics as [...]
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Adaptistration People 118

Happy Memorial Day

Whether you’re home all day enjoying the holiday with family and friends or your orchestra is putting on a performance today, try to take a few moments to remember the reason for the holiday. Furthermore, take a moment to remember that the single largest employer of full-time professional musicians is the United States Armed Forces. The United States Air Force Band The United States Army Band “The Presidents Own” United States Marine Band The United States Navy Band The United States Coast Guard Band

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[3 Concerts + 474 Miles] x Alex Ross = Good Read

I'm up to my eyeballs in work today so no time for a regular post. Fortunately, Alex Ross recently completed a fantastic series of articles at his blog, The Rest Is Noise which chronicles his two day road trip to visit three orchestras (Indianapolis, Nashville, and Alabama). You can catch up on all the fun here: Prologue Day 1 Day 2 Epilogue
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