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Phone Home – An Adaptistration Survey

Some recent work for a client led me to think about how much time orchestras spend on creating and maintaining a telephone etiquette policy. Furthermore, I wonder how many managers out there have ever taken the time to call their organization just to see how the voice mail system and employee telephone etiquette measures up... In particular, I'm curious to discover how many organizations maintain a written telephone etiquette policy, how often that policy is reviewed with employees, and how often quality control measures are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of that [...]
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Billion Dollar Business

The Chicago Tribune published an article by Charles Storch which reports that Chicago's "arts are playing a leading role in Chicago's economy and performing big time"... In particular, the article goes on to describe "that Chicago's non-profit arts and cultural industry and its audiences generated $1.09 billion in spending in 2005." Naturally, this report takes into account all nonprofit performing arts organizations operating in the Chicago area, but how does that stack up against US professional orchestras? During the same approximate time frame as the Chicago area report (2004-2005 season), America's 75 [...]
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More Labor Ripples

Earlier in the week, it was Omaha Symphony and this time it is the San Antonio Symphony... According to an article in the 06/06/2007 edition of the San Antonio Express by Mike Greenberg the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) musicians have elected their Negotiating Committee to authorize a strike if there is no new agreement in place to replace their current collective bargaining agreement, which expires on August 31, 2007. According to materials available on the SAS Musician's website and blog as well as information from the Express article, the crux of the [...]
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Looking Toward A Brighter Future

Given the recent round of doom and gloom being pandered throughout the business over large cuts in classical music coverage among traditional media outlets, I thought it would be useful to imagine a brighter future... If you spend any length of time in this business, you eventually run into the Euro vs. US debate, which essentially breaks down into discussion over which system is better for the arts: a state or privately funded model. Nevertheless, it is one thing to have an intellectual discussion and another to look at some hard figures. [...]
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