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6:16p.m. ET: According to sources inside the negotiations, the San Antonio Symphony Society and Musicians have reached a tentative agreement. Details will be released as they are made available but(see update below) the musicians are planning to meet on Monday morning, September 3, 2007 to conduct a ratification meeting. As such, it looks like both sides have come together to find enough middle ground to avert a strike. According to one inside source the proposed agreement is a "good contract." Update: 8:21p.m. ET: details surrounding the agreement have been released... The following [...]
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New Opportunities To Advertise At Adaptistration

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SAS Update

With less than 48 hours until their contract expires, the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) musicians issued a press release today announcing that they need "a new agreement in order to continue working after the contract expires."... As detailed in yesterday's article, the SAS musicians have engaged in informational picketing action during the final days of their contract. When asked if the SAS management had an official response to the musicians' picketing Carolyn Bacon, SAS Vice President Marketing, declined to comment. As of late afternoon, August 29, 2007, neither SAS management nor musicians [...]
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Pre-Deadline Picketing

The musicians and management of the San Antonio Symphony are heading into the home stretch with three days remaining until their current collective bargaining agreement expires, but what happens after the deadline passes... First off, there are no self fulfilling prophecies and any one of a number of situations could develop. Here are some of the most common alternatives: Both Sides Come To An Agreement Regardless of how far apart two sides appear in a labor negotiation, there is always the possibility that both sides can find an agreeable middle ground during [...]
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A Whole Lotta Typing Going On

It seems the topics from the past several days have encouraged a number of readers to weigh-in with their own thoughts. More than 30 comments have been posted since last week so if you don't regularly review recent articles for new comments, you're missing out... The most popular topic so far has been the issue of business cards (or lack thereof) with discussions about the growing number of orchestras approaching a work stoppage not far behind. Beyond that, readers have offered their thoughts on everything else including attendance woes in Cincinnati, the [...]
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