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Breaking News: JSO Negotiation Update

In an email message from Friday morning, 11/30/2007, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (JSO) Executive Director, Alan Hopper, confirmed that if an agreement between the Association and the musicians is not reached before the end of next week then “the Nutcracker would go on with recorded music as do many Nutcrackers around the country.” In a comprehensive view, although there are Nutcracker productions which utilize recorded music there are very few who promote the use of live music and then substitute that with recorded music. Hopper went on to write that the Jacksonville Symphony [...]
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Learning From Past Mistakes

John Stoehr, Charleston (S.C.) City Paper Arts Editor and co-author of the blog Flyover, published a piece at his City Paper blog entitled JSO Board Needs to Do Its Damn Job. Although the piece is loaded with fantastic content, perhaps the best part is when John articulates the obvious parallels between the financial model/strategic direction proposed by the Jacksonville Symphony Board and the demise of the former Savannah Symphony… “I was living as a cultural journalist in Savannah during the time of the [Savannah Symphony’s] demise. I saw firsthand what happened, but [...]
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Back To The Bargaining Table In Jacksonville

According to representatives from the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (JSO), bargaining sessions mediated by a Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service mediator with the musicians are scheduled to resume at 12:00 noon ET, Friday, 11/30/2007. At stake immediately is the fate of the First Coast Nutcracker performances, which the JSO is scheduled to provide live music as a pit orchestra. Since the lockout began, JSO Executive Director, Alan Hopper, has made public statements that the organization plans to provide recorded music for the Nutcracker performances if the lockout persists... At the same time, if [...]
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Not Feeling Very Social In Jacksonville

As the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (JSO) lockout drags on, orchestra supporters continue to make their voices heard. On 11/26/2007, Marci Gurnow, a clarinetist in the JSO, posted information at JSO Lockdown (a social networking group at announcing scheduled picketing activities at upcoming First Coast Nutcracker performances. In an effort to help build stronger connections with supporters and create added awareness, the message invites group members to participate by making their own picket signs and taking part in the picketing activity. Furthermore, unless an agreement is reached before next week’s deadlines, the [...]
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Getting Back On The Psychologist’s Couch

Yesterday, my blogging neighbor, Jason Heath, posted an article at Arts Addictwhich touches on the psychology of performers and how it impacts interpersonal artistic relationships. It is a great topic and made me think about how the orchestra business could take better advantage of consumer psychology when approaching audience development… This topic was examined back in early 2004 via an Adaptistration article entitled We All Need To Go See A Psychologist and for the most part, orchestras have yet to take advantage of using psychological insight to help create a more inviting [...]
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