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Archive | November, 2007


Wanted: A Messiah In Cincinnati

The 11/4/2007 edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer published an article by Janelle Gelfand which took a hard look at the ongoing process to find a new Dean for the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). The revealing article examines the challenges and outlines the critical value in filling this position with the right person… [...]
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Sticks and Drones: A New Adaptistration Blog

There’s excitement in the air as today marks the launch of the first of several new blogs here at Adaptistration. Sticks and Drones is all about the world of classical music from the perspective of two conductors, Bill Eddins and Ron Spigelman. If you are hoping the blog will be chocked full of filler such […]

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Adaptistration Internal Service Project

When Adaptistration moved to its new server on October 15, 2007 it had 12,000+ entries containing 1.2 million words, thousands of links, and hundreds of embedded pics, tables, graphs, and charts. Although moving that much data would normally involve endless headaches, everything made it from URL "A" to URL "B" in one piece. Well, almost [...]
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Confusing The Issues

Much has been written throughout the blogosphere since The New Republic published Richard Taruskin’s 12,000 word narrative entitled Books: The Musical Mystique - Defending classical music against its devotees. I’ll come right out and admit that I have not read the entire work, which if written for different genre would classify as a beefy short [...]
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