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Books On Culture: A New Inside The Arts Blog

There's excitement in the air as today marks the launch of the latest Inside The Arts blog. Books On Culture; discovering books on music and culture with John Rosenkrans is one of the most unique arts and culture blogs to enter the fray since the medium winked into existence several years ago. Although it seems like you can't swing a virtual dead cat without hitting a book review blog (or reader reviews through mega-sites like there isn't a single blog devoted to reviewing books on music and culture - until now… [...]
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Tampa Settles While Jacksonville Remains Locked Out

On Sunday, 12/9/2007 the musicians of the Florida Orchestra (located in Tampa, FL) ratified a three year contract after having been engaged in play-and-talk since September. The three-year concessionary agreement averted what would have become the second work stoppage by a professional orchestra in the state of Florida… Although the contract reduces the number of weeks from 34 to 30 and reduces the annual base musician salary to $27,450, the musicians’ weekly base pay increases slightly. Another change is a temporary reduction in the number of musicians employed by the ensemble, which [...]
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Inside The Arts Puts Butts In The Seats

Regulars to the cultural blogosphere are likely familiar with Joe Patti's blog, Butts In The Seats; musings on practical solutions for arts management. It has been one of my favorite blogs ever since its inaugural post nearly three years ago and I am pleased to announce that Joe has agreed to make Butts In The Seats part of… I've known Joe for a number of years and in 2006 he was gracious enough to be a contributor to the 2006 Take A Friend To Orchestra initiative. His two-part contribution detailing his [...]
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Breaking News: JAX Government Weighs In On Lockout

After weeks of conspicuous silence, the local Jacksonville government has weighed in on the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (JSO) lockout via an emergency resolution… Jacksonville City Council Member, Glorius Johnson, introduced a resolution during a council meeting on 12/11/2007 requesting emergency passage of Resolution 2007-1361, which states, in part: A RESOLUTION STRONGLY ENCOURAGING THE JACKSONVILLE SYMPHONY ASSOCIATION AND THE JACKSONVILLE SYMPHONY PLAYERS ASSOCIATION TO SUBMIT THEIR CONTRACT IMPASSE TO AN ARBITRATION PROCESS TO REACH A SETTLEMENT AND TO RESUME THEIR CONCERT SCHEDULE. WHILE NEGOTIATIONS CONTINUE; REQUESTING EMERGENCY PASSAGE; PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. BE [...]
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What Bill Said…

Bill Eddins posted a great piece yesterday at Sticks and Drones about the New York Philharmonic's decision to perform in North Korea. In a way that is so uniquely "Bill", he made a number of points that demonstrate the value of Occam's razor in examining seemingly complex issues… This is precisely what I suggested back at the end of October when I posted something in response to voices opposing the New York Philharmonic's tour stop in Pyongyang. I still firmly believe that music is a universal language that transcends politics, bigotry, and [...]
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