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Archive | January, 2008


Make A Fortune In Virtual Cash

Do you enjoy the fictional world of the fantasy blog stock market? If so, you're likely involved with one of the most entertaining and longest running offerings available, The self described market where players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs has been up and running since 2003 and now attracts more than 50,000 [...]
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Inside The Arts Welcomes Frank Almond

Inside The Arts continues to grow and today marks the addition of the newest column: non divisi; Frank Almond writes a column instead of practicing. A column differs from a blog in that blogs publish several articles per week whereas columns publish less frequently. As Frank states in his About page, "For the time being, [...]
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Concert Cancellations And New Fundraising In Jacksonville

Concert Cancellations And New Fundraising In Jacksonville

In an email message from 1/2/2008, Jacksonville Symphony Association (JSA) Executive Director, Alan Hopper, confirmed that the message appearing on the message board on 12/28/2007 was written by JSA executive board member Tom Beames (details of that letter are available here). Hopper also confirmed that personalized versions of the letter have been distributed to […]

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