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It’s good to see that the attention focused on Columbus isn’t localized to its greater metropolitan area. On the contrary, new and traditional media outlets alike have been watching events with a fine eye. Here’s a wrap up of what you can find on the topic…

  • It is particularly heartening to see major Ohio newspapers
    outside of Columbus publishing material about the impending shut down.
    Janelle Gelfand at the Cincinnati Enquirer has published multiple articles on the topic as well as several posts at her enquirer blog.
  • Dan Wakin at the New York Times has published at least two articles on the topic, the most recent one is available here.
  • Robert Levine recently weighed in with his usual razor sharp writing at Abu Bratsch.
  • Charles Noble from the Oregon Symphony had something to say about drains and circling.
  • Columbus Symphony Orchestra musician David Thomas, who usually doesn’t write about issues in his orchestra, has been using his blog to express his perspective.
  • John Stoehr makes it absofu*kinglutely clear how he feels at his Charleston City Paper blog.
  • published an article that has a nice section about how has been impacting recent developments.

In the world of traditional media there’s nothing yet from Don Rosenberg and the Cleveland Plain-Dealer as of yet nor Mark Stryker at the Detroit Free Press (let me know if I missed something). Hopefully, the editors at each paper will find some space for the topic sooner than later. Am I missing anyone?

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