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Sometimes, The Best Parallel Is Perpendicular

A few months ago I had an intriguing email exchange with Erik Hanberg, former Managing Director of the Grand Cinema, a non-profit art-house movie theater in downtown Tacoma, WA. We were discussing the similarities and differences between the field of orchestra management and art-house movie theaters and he shared an instance from his time managing the theater when he tried to find as many parallels as he could from neighboring performing arts groups to help him run the theater. As a result of our exchange, Erik put together some intriguing observations in [...]
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No Pathos For Summer Festivals

Although daily traffic was on par for the blog average, the reader poll from Wednesday, 6/25/08 garnered the lowest number of participants of any poll in Adaptistration's history. At the time this article was written, the Music Festival Convention poll only managed to generate 10 percent of average poll response. I admit that the low voter turnout on this topic was disappointing and I hope it isn't an indication that the stovepiping between segments in this business is on the rise. On the bright side, a clear majority of those who did [...]
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Drunk Driver Convicted In Deaths Of Musicians Sentenced

16 months after her car struck and killed Eugene Symphony musicians Kjersten Oquist and Angela Svendsen, convicted drunk driver Fivea Sharipoff was sentenced to 16 years and eight months in prison by Circuit Judge John McCormick. Earlier this month, Sharipoff was found guilty on two counts of manslaughter in the first degree for the deaths of Eugene Symphony principal second violinist Angela Svendsen and Eugene Symphony violist Kjersten Oquist, one count of assault in the second degree for injuries suffered by Eugene Symphony principal oboist Kelly Gronli, and one count of DUI [...]
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Poll: Music Festival Conventions

Before the NPAC stops rattling around in my head, I want to take a moment to mention the conference's conspicuous absence of summer music festival managers and board members. It is no secret why they are represented in such low numbers as the timing for most annual conventions fall smack dab at the beginning of their crunch time and jetting away for several days is usually not a luxury they can afford. As a result, I've always thought that it would be useful if they could have their own mini-conference during a [...]
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He Would Have Been One Hell Of A Blogger

If he was born during the time of Generation-X he almost certainly would have been at the forefront of the blogging revolution. Instead, George Carlin preceded the age of unfiltered digital communication and had more than his share of experience dealing with the impact of words people didn’t want to hear and interpreting spin. One of the best examples of how Carlin chipped away at this phenomenon was his ever-evolving bit on euphemisms. Americans have a lot of trouble dealing with reality; Americans have a lot of trouble facing the truth so [...]
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