Extended Stay And Social Engineering

It looks like I’ll be staying in Area-51 a bit longer; at the very least I’ll be on site through August 31. Consequently, the Annual Website Reviews may be a bit late this year but rest assured they will be out in the Fall. The work routine is settling into a nice pattern which should provide some time to set up the evaluation schedule and examine the review criteria. I should also find time for the impending platform switch for (most of) the blogs and columns at Inside The Arts.

Speaking of the Area-51 Project (I think that’s going to be the official name from this point forward), one thoroughly fascinating component has been exploring what sort of duties and responsibilities for a position within cultural institutions geared toward social engineering would entail (the political science kind, not the hacker type). The entire discussion was initiated via a chance meeting with another consultant in the area working on a tangentially related project and our meeting quickly developed into one of those times when ideas just “click” between professionals. I’m looking forward to writing about the concept in greater detail once the Area-51 Project wraps up.

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