You Don’t Want To Be “That Guy” Do You?

Simply put, if you’re a public relations or marketing professional, you can’t get along in this business without a thorough understanding of new media. If you needed any more proof, the always poignant Lisa Hirsch over at Iron Tongue of Midnight published a wonderful post last week entitled “Don’t Be Stupid” which does an excellent job at defining some points we were exchanging in an email discussion about performing arts organizations and new media. Although the title says it all, Lisa goes the extra mile by putting together a nifty check list of do’s and don’ts that are worth printing out and tacking to your wall…

I especially like the following point:

DO make sure the press release is relevant to the people you’re emailing…

Dont get taken for a ride by shifty publicity firms!

Don't get taken for a ride by shifty publicity firms!

Far too often, PR professionals claiming to specialize in new media completely fail to demonstrate any working knowledge of this point. As of now (and I hope it is short-lived) what seems to pass for new media experience is simply mass emailing a standard press release to as many bloggers that write on loosely related topics as possible. For example, this blog is about orchestra management but I still receive a dozen or so PRs every day about the latest Indie band or touring DJ from publicity firms that claim to specialize in reaching new media outlets. What is most frustrating is artists are paying firms like this a portion of their limited promotional budget with the belief that they are going to reach targeted new media outlets.

Since you’re thinking about new media, don’t forget about the extensive series of articles on how to identify and connect with new media right here at Adaptistration (along with the free eBook) as well as some really fantastic material written by Marc van Bree over at The Dutch Perspective.

Read all of this material and incorporate it into your professional soul! After all, you don’t want to be “that guy” in the office 10 years from now who doesn’t “get” new media, do you?

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