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Archive | January, 2009

Michael Dorf

Will Michael Dorf Lead The NEA?

According to the 1/16/2009 edition of the Los Angeles Times in an article by Allan M. Jalon, it appears that Michael Dorf, founding partner of Chicago law firm Adducci Dorf Lehner Mitchell & Blankenship has emerged as a frontrunner to lead the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA). According to his professional profile, Mr. Dorf […]

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I am cautiously optimist that the incoming administration will be able to elevate the status of Federal arts programs along with their respective bureaucracies.

Expanding The National Arts Office Discussion

There has been some intriguing discussion throughout the blogosphere following the article from earlier this week about the possibility of a White House based Office of the Arts. Ian Wilhelm picked up on the conversation via an article he posted at the Chronicle of Philanthropy and reader response to the idea has been surprising (at […]

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think it about

A White House Office Of The Arts?

As we stand at the precipice of a fundamental shift in the way the Federal government functions (and quite likely life as we know it), recent gossip has focused on the possibility of a new White House level arts office that would be responsible for what Artnet News reports as “overseeing all things having to […]

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Speedlinking: 1/13/2009

Bill Eddins unwittingly discovers the impetus for the annual orchestra website reviews. Joe Patti discovers that his ads are naked. Marc Geelhoed does a 1st class job at demonstrating the power of music. The bassist in the orchestra that shall not be named has a chestnut allergy. Oboeinsight is watching watch cartoons (Leopold, Leopold!). Everyone’s […]

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The Perils of Demand Based Pricing

A few weeks ago, the Associated Press published an article by David Sharp about the notion of using demand based pricing throughout the performing arts community. If you aren’t already familiar with demand based pricing as applied to orchestras, it is a method where a higher price is charged for seats within a given pricing […]

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Who Are You?

It has been two years since the last Adaptistration reader survey; as such, it is high time to find out more about you. The original survey had a few questions but since then the internet has grown considerably so the need to acquire more info this time around is necessary. Nonetheless, I know your time […]

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Two More Contributors For TAFTO 2009

Joining the contributor list for the Take A Friend To Orchestra (TAFTO) 2009 project are Alabama Symphony Executive Director, Curtis Long, and Chicago’s very own cultural Swiss Army Knife Andrew Patner who works as author, broadcaster, journalist, and arts critic. When Andrew isn’t writing for traditional media outlets or working as Critic-at-Large and program host […]

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