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Off To Dallas

I’m in Dallas today for some HEARTbeats Foundation related work and while here, I’ll be attending the Dallas Symphony’s Beethoven Triple Concerto concert featuring Chee-Yun, Lynn Harrell, and Anne-Marie McDermott. The concert will be conducted by Jaap van Zweden and this will be the first time I’ve heard him conduct the Dallas symphony, so it should be a fascinating concert. As an aside, I wonder if any Texas based orchestra has laid claim to the tag “Lone Star Symphony”… In the meantime and per numerous reader requests, I wanted to post some […]

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The Best Orchestras To Work For

I’d like to tell you which orchestras are the best groups for managers and musicians to work for. I’d like to tell you all about benchmarks for orchestral employee satisfaction. I’d like to tell you which orchestras experience the highest levels of employee loyalty and commitment. I’d like to tell you which orchestras have the highest levels of management-musician trust. Unfortunately, none of that is possible and we can’t expect anything different unless some substantial changes come about… The annual “Best Places To Work” report from Great Places To Work Institute, Inc. […]

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So Many Comments About Detroit

I know, I know, I keep promising my big post but something keeps popping up that catches my interest that I want to post about first. Perhaps it’s some new form of Blogging Adult ADD (BAADD?). Regardless, the first item I want to point out are a pair of articles over at Sticks and Drones from conductor Bill Eddins who has a lot to say about the situation… (more…)

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Looking Beyond The Numbers In Detroit

The 9/19/2010 edition of The Detroit Free Press published an article by Mark Stryker that dives into the non-monetary issues Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) labor dispute. It is good to see an article of this length focus on work rule oriented items, doubly so given the depth and magnitude of the changes being proposed… (more…)

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I Hear Dallas and LA Calling

It looks like I may be off next week on another business trip, this time to Dallas and again to Los Angeles. As such, I’m a little behind on planned blogging topics, most notably the heavy piece I alluded to last week. The good news is I’ve sketched it out and I have time set aside over the weekend to get it wrapped up. Until then, here are a few other developments and items of interest worth pointing out… (more…)

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