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Archive | September, 2010


Catastrophic Tunnel Vision

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the byproducts from the ongoing Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) labor dispute is discussions about the connection between artistic excellence and compensation. After all, that issue seems to be at the heart of the PR oriented end of the DSO’s struggle: musicians claim artistic levels will crumble in the absence of certain […]

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The Futurist

The fine folk(s?) over at have been at it again. This time, the video satire is focused squarely on consultants. As a consultant, I find it hilarious not because it pokes fun at consultants (although that is fun) but because it thumbs a sardonic nose at a certain well defined subset within the cultural-industrial […]

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Happy Labor Day!

It’s going to be a busy fall here at Adaptistration. The annual website reviews are coming up at the end of the month and since we’re living in “interesting times,” there are no shortages of topics to cover until then. With that in mind and in keeping with the Labor Day holiday, yesterday’s Who’s Minding […]

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big www letters

What’s In a Name? Part 3

It has been awhile since we examined the issue of orchestra domain names (here and here) but a recent comment to an article about the Detroit Symphony Orchestra musician website made me realize that all of the attention and advice here directed toward orchestra associations on the importance of registering domain names applies equally to […]

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Venture Platform Overview Video

As promised from earlier this week, I am posting the Venture Platform Overview video. This video will be available at the Venture Sales site along with several additional videos highlighting specific components such as Venture’s event manager, slider controls, market insight (analytics), email marketing capability, design features and functionality, content management tools, and solution academy […]

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hello dollars

Good News On Ticket Subsidies

Thanks to reader Jon Hardie for pointing out an article by David Abel in the 8/28/2010 edition of the Boston Globe I would have otherwise missed which reports on the Highland Street Foundation’s work at subsidizing ticket prices at several Boston area cultural institutions. Regular readers know how strongly I feel about the connection between […]

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