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What The Orchestra Field Can Learn From Playboy and The Financial Times

If your organization is considering developing an iPhone/iPad app to be distributed through Apple’s App Store, you might not need it. As apps have grown in popularity over the past few years, more and more business are discovering that the content restrictions and revenue cuts enforced by Apple aren’t worth the hassle; and their experiences might save orchestras a boatload of cash and headaches. (more…)

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16px Font Size and 48px Wide Buttons Are The New Black

We’re going to geek out a bit today over a few user experience (UX) items that are going to have a substantial impact over not just online design but print design as both formats as users increasingly gravitate toward uniformity. The driving force behind many of these changes is the rise of mobile platform usage; i.e. Smartphones and tablets. (more…)

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Skinning A Cat, Beethoven Style

Conductor Bill Eddins posted a terrific blog on 2/22/2012 that lambasts the concept of right and wrong interpretations via recordings. Coincidentally, regular Adaptistration guest author, Chris Blair, sent me an email on the same day with a link to a YouTube video that provides a chronological survey of the opening chords of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3; from 1924 through 2011. (more…)

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