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Last week, Thomas Cott delivered a mobile website focused You’ve Cott Mail that features a trio of web articles which reinforces much of what we’ve covered here. All three are worth your time as they dive into additional directions not covered here, plus it is always good to confirm ideas elsewhere.

5 reasons why your nonprofit needs a mobile websiteShould you build a separate mobile site or use “responsive design”?

Mobile website traffic and arts organisations: some figures

  • I particularly enjoyed the bit in this article toward the end where the author laments the sad state of transaction tracking between a website and third party ticketing provider. I can almost hear the whiplash from IT folks out therein this field nodding their heads in agreement on this one.

I know all of this might seem like geek-speak but knowing some basic differences between an app, mobile website, and responsive design could end up saving your organization a ton of money. If nothing else, knowing the importance of fundamental mobile readiness and inserting it into the design process amidst the initial onslaught of App Hysteria when The Venture Platform was in its development stages has paid off in spades for its users!

Apps are still way cool and groups that go through a good process to figure out if they really need one or not will be better for it.

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