A Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra

Although it has been out for well over a year on YouTube, I only recently stumbled across Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra at YouTube (h/t Holly Mulcahy). It’s an hour long program written by and featuring UK comedian Bill Bailey that’s perhaps best described as what if the cast of Monty Python wrote The Young Lutheran’s Guide to the Orchestra?

It’s tough not to like Britt humor (humour?) and since the original performance was in the fall of 2008, Bailey’s routine is chocked full of good natured (or is it well deserved?) bank-executives-are-the-root-of-all-evil humor. I can see why this hasn’t been done anywhere in the US (that I’m aware of) as it would require some liberal cultural reference adaptation but I don’t see why that’s stopping anyone.

But judge it yourself. BTW, make sure you catch the bit on trombones at 22:53 (wait for it) and the Alpine Bells at 48:00; terrific stuff. The latter of which reminds me of some of the four hands, one piano stuff Victor Borge used to do.

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