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Hot Summer Job Openings

It’s always fun to go digging through metrics and one of the more interesting trends for Adaptistration’s Weekly Email Summary is the steady increase in clickthroughs to listings at the jobs site. Over the past month, two out of five of the most clicked links have been to job listings. And with the recent increase in numbers and frequency of quality openings posted, it wouldn’t be surprising to see those trends continue. (more…)

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Let’s Get Rid Of Blah Arts Manager Photos Once And For All

I’ve been thinking a lot about promotional and portrait photos for both artists and arts managers. The former enjoy the lion’s share of creativity and imagination while many rise to the level of being downright iconic. Arts managers, not so much. Most tend to be the obligatory headshot, sitting on a desk, in a concert hall, or standing in front of a venue. * Yawn* And don’t get me started with hands on chins. Aren’t we supposed to be in a creative field? So why then is it so difficult to project […]

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piggy bank woes

Effective Marketing In The Wake Of Budget Cuts

Marc van Bree has been on a tear lately with a series of really terrific blog posts that provide a substantial amount of nuts and bolts style information and his latest offering from 7/23/2012 continues the trend. Titled Marketing the arts when your budget gets cut, the post recounts his time as the Austin Lyric Opera’s Director of Marketing and how he managed to increase the organization’s return on marketing by 68 percent in the wake of a number of budget challenges. (more…)

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