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Keep Your Eye On The Details In Minnesota

According to multiple press reports, the Minnesota Orchestra (MO) has notified its musicians that unless an agreement is ratified by midnight, Sunday 9/30/12 then it intends to initiate a lockout. The labor dispute has been characterized by a sharply concessionary contract offer that includes an approximate 34 percent cut in compensation along with reducing orchestra musicians to 84. And in a less common move, the MO has been publishing complete copies of their proposed offer alongside summaries. (more…)

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Woodruff Wins Concessions In ASO Labor Dispute

In the eleventh hour of an ultimatum from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and their parent board, Woodruff Arts Center (WAC), insisting that musicians accept a sharply concessionary agreement or face five weeks of canceled events (including a Carnegie Hall appearance), the ASO musicians acquiesced and accepted the full range of terms in their employer’s last, best, and final offer. (more…)

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Leafleting In Richmond (VA)

One of the latest additions to this season’s list of labor discontent is the Richmond (VA) Symphony Orchestra (RSO) where the previous collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expired on August 31, 2012. Since then, the group has been engaged in play-and-talk but the musicians went public on 9/20/2012 and issued a statement reassuring patrons they would not strike. (more…)

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