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Examining the Minnesota Orchestra Redline Agreement Part 3

This installment of our ongoing examination of the Minnesota Orchestra Redline Agreement (MORA) will change things up a bit; specifically, it is time for an infographic to help visualize what’s going on.

Following the first two articles, some readers wrote in to express that although they found such a detailed examination enormously useful, both posts required setting aside some time in order to adequately absorb and understand all of the content. Granted, there really isn’t any way to conduct a meaningful review in a few hundred words but I do appreciate adage that good things, when short, are twice as good.

As such, it seemed like an appropriate time to stretch the old graphic design legs and assemble an infographic that captures a collection of MORA’s key points; some of which we’ve covered while others are yet to come.

MORA infographic from

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One Response to Examining the Minnesota Orchestra Redline Agreement Part 3

  1. Norbert Nielubowski Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    a note that at the expired contract’s level the MN Orch’s seniority pay was already the lowest of any major orchestra.

    I can’t find a single ICSOM orchestra that does not not have some type seniority pay; under this proposal, the complete elimination of seniority pay would make us the first in that dubious category.

    Norbert Nielubowski, Minnesota Orchestra (25th season)

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Examining the Minnesota Orchestra Redline Agreement Part 3


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