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Letter To The President On The Occasion of His Second Term

The President The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500 Dear President Obama, On the occasion of your first inauguration, I wrote to you with the request to consider building a bold program of cultural diplomacy as one answer to the problem of improving and maintaining international relations. In hindsight, I believe that we can still do much more and I continue to encourage and support your daring leadership in those efforts. Likewise, I have high hopes that you will seize the value of a second term by leveraging your position […]

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Louisville Begins Patching The Gaps

The 1/28/2013 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal published an article by Elizabeth Kramer that reports the Louisville Orchestra has named David Hyslop to serve as interim chief executive officer. There’s no mention of whether or not Hyslop’s contract is for any specific length of time or whether or not he’ll be performing the bulk of his duties remotely from his home in Minnesota or moving to Louisville to work full time with the organization. However, an article Erin Keane in the 1/29/2013 edition of reports Hyslop as saying he expects to […]

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What Would You Encourage President Obama To Do About The Arts?

My blogging colleague, Joe Patti, published a wonderful article on 1/23/2013 titled Letter To The President On The Occasion of His Second Term. I had originally planned to join Joe with a letter of my own but work has kept it in draft form but I am bound and determined to get it finalized and published this week. In the meantime, it seems clear that readers genuinely care about a politician’s position on the arts; two of the most popular posts at the end of 2012 touched on the value of a […]

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What A Great Way To Bring In New Subscribers

There’s nothing quite like experiencing three shows of Bugs Bunny At The Symphony in the space of two days, which is precisely how I spent the past weekend here in Chicago. It was particularly fun to sit in the audience and take in all of the ambient chatter. There were no shortage of families with parents pointing out instruments and introducing kids to the concert hall and there were more than few adults attending their first live orchestra concert. One elderly gentleman with his grandchildren approached an usher to mention he had […]

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Eliminate Password Fail Time Suck Once And For All

Unless you’re fortunate enough to work in an organization with a budget large enough to have one or more full time IT professionals, you’ve probably encountered this frustrating scenario at one point or another: Employee Smith either leaves or becomes unavailable with little or no notice. Smith was singlehandedly managing one or more password protected files/sites/etc. Smith was the only one with access to those passwords and did not keep a record. Someone in the office is left pulling his/her hair out and losing half a day or work or more trying […]

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