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On 12/24/2012, I published an article that linked over to a pair of letters related to the ongoing Jacksonville Symphony (JAX) labor dispute that were published in the Florida times-Union. One was from the JAX board chair elect and the other was from the JAX musicians’ negotiating committee. As it turns out, the paper apparently edited the latter letter without indicating the modification.

writeOn 12/31/2012 the newspaper published the complete letter in their editorial page blog along with the following statement:

Note to readers: The Times-Union recently published letters from both the Jacksonville Symphony Association and the musicians’ union regarding their contract dispute. Due to space constraints, a shorter version of the union’s letter was published. Here is the complete version.

There is no mention on whether or not the letter from the JAX board chair elect was edited but the musicians’ committee letter certainly makes more since in its complete form compared to the edited version but it also reinforces the value in brevity with communication, a topic explored in greater detail back on 11/15/2012 in an article titled (ironically enough) Some Advance Hindsight For The Season Of Discontent.

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