Eliminate Password Fail Time Suck Once And For All

Unless you’re fortunate enough to work in an organization with a budget large enough to have one or more full time IT professionals, you’ve probably encountered this frustrating scenario at one point or another:

  • Employee Smith either leaves or becomes unavailable with little or no notice.
  • Smith was singlehandedly managing one or more password protected files/sites/etc.
  • Smith was the only one with access to those passwords and did not keep a record.
  • Someone in the office is left pulling his/her hair out and losing half a day or work or more trying to get into said files and sites.

Sound familiar?

150x150_ITA_Guy145Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way thanks to password management solutions that provide individual user security while maintaining master access to employee managed protected content.

Last June we examined individual password management solutions and one of the leading options was Lastpass.com and the very same provider offers an enterprise solution for $24/year per user. The service offers pretty much the same set of offerings as the individual solution but with some added features ideally suited for office environments.

Lastpass even offers a handy Return On Investment calculator you can use to see just how much money you’ve lost in wasted work-hours digging up passwords or contacting providers begging them to set up a new admin account.

And for micro sized offices of two or three employees, using an individual Lastpass account’s sharing feature is an excellent option that only costs $24/year.

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