Apparently Something Happened In Indianapolis

Remember the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s (ISO) big, ugly, and very public labor dispute and work stoppage? It was temporarily suspended thanks to a bridge agreement that included a board goal of raising $5 million by the beginning of February.

That deadline recently passed and the ISO issued a press release on 2/3/2013 stating they exceeded their goal.

150x150_ITA_Guy097Unfortunately, there aren’t many details and the local Indianapolis press has been more or less limited to regurgitating details from the ISO’s succinct release.

The best source, as of the time this article was written, is from the 2/4/2013 edition of the Indy Star in an article by Cathy Kightlinger which reports the ISO doesn’t know exactly how much they raised but decided to issue the statement anyway.

But the final tally was unknown, even as the announcement was being made. […]The final tally of donations will be announced when all gifts and pledges are documented.

The bridge agreement has been something of a mystery due to neither the ISO nor the musicians releasing very many details about how the deal was structured. According to Kightlinger’s article, it appears that the ISO board had the authority all along to determine whether or not any fundraising amount sufficiently met their threshold.

If today’s goal had not been met, musicians and management might have been back at the negotiating table, but that wasn’t likely. A waiver clause in the contract let ISO management declare the fundraising sufficient.

Adding to the uncertainty is the deafening silence from musicians who did not provide a statement for Kightlinger’s article. Similarly, their website is devoid of any written statement, or even acknowledgement, of the ISO board’s Mission Accomplished statement.

The only ancillary recognition from musicians was in the form of a post at their Facebook page to one of the news articles about the event.

As of now, the entire situation is a genuine head-scratcher. Stay tuned for more info when, and if, it is made available.

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