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Understanding The Difference Between Apps and Mobile Websites 2013

One of the single most popular articles in Adaptistration’s history (to date) is from July 22, 2011. Titled Understanding The Difference Between Apps and Mobile Websites, it has served as a useful resource for clarifying an otherwise confusing topic and since the original publication date, quite a bit has changed in so it is time for an update. The biggest change to take place in the field of mobile browsing since 2011 is the rise of responsive web design, which responds to the device that accesses it and delivers the appropriate output. […]

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Bergman Speaks

Shortly before the Minnesota Orchestra (MO) initiated what would become a season killing work stoppage, MO violist Sam Bergman used to co-author a very popular blog with the orchestra’s Principal Conductor of Pops and Presentations, Sarah Hicks, built around the MO’s Inside The Classics outreach program. Unfortunately, the blog was cut off on 8/27/2012 following an admin notice stating that section of the MO website was being redesigned. Eight months later, Bergman had the opportunity to reach out to patrons via a pre-concert speech for an event presented by the Musicians of […]

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TAFTO 2013 Contribution: Heather Brown

EMBRACE THE PARADOX Thanks to my parents’ influence, I grew up playing and listening to classical music.  I also grew up loving sports.  Thankfully, Columbus, Ohio has both. Even with a terrific classical music scene though, Ohio State University athletics always seems to get the upper hand in this town.  OK, sure. Ohio’s a football state, but I think the two actually complement each other and have more in common than your average sports fan might think. So come on, Buckeye fans – how about a night at the symphony? CLASSICAL MUSIC […]

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TAFTO 2013 Contribution: Ceci Dadisman

Trying to get someone to go to the opera can be a challenging thing. As the chief marketing gal at Palm Beach Opera, it quite literally is my job to get people to come to the opera. Yes, I buy advertising in the newspaper, on the radio, and online but the most powerful marketing out there is always the endorsement of a friend. When I talk to people about why they haven’t been to the opera, the responses vary but there always seems to be the common thread that it is just […]

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TAFTO 2013 Contribution: Scott Silberstein

Okay, my friends, let’s talk about what we’re going to do tonight. Maybe a trip to Orchestra Hall to hear the Chicago Symphony? Why, you ask, should you allow me to take you with me to the orchestra? Well, I can tell you why I go. I don’t know any better. The extraordinary sound of the symphony orchestra got to me before people had a chance to tell me that I wasn’t supposed to like music that, in their estimation, was old hat, even for people who wore old hats. Orchestral music […]

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