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2012 Website Reviews

2012 Orchestra Website (mini) Review: Responsive Roundup

The Annual Orchestra Website Review examines more than 80 professional orchestras in the United States and Canada and rank them by a detailed series of quantitative criteria but due to Orchestra Crisis 2012/13 (details here) we had to postpone and scale back the reviews. As it turns out, the delay was fortuitous in that it set the stage for ideal timing to focus the review efforts exclusively on what is easily one of the most important design standards for performing arts organization website to date: responsive design. Specifically, we’re going to see which orchestras […]

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Adaptistration Guy 071

Gearing Up For Conference Season

It is that time of year again and the final touches are playing out for my upcoming conference appearances. The following list is for confirmed conferences but there are a few more floating around that I’ll add to the list once things are finalized. Conductors Guild Conference | St. Louis, MO | Jun 15-18, 2013 I’ll be serving in an official capacity as a Conference mentor as well as working with those interested in setting up member profiles at the Guild’s recently redesigned website. The member profiles are one way the Guild […]

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There’s A Reason Why So Many Of The New Model Discussions Are Dead-ends

We hear the term “new model” so often these days that it almost guaranteed to produce eye rolls, sighs, and mass shoulder slumping. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: all but a handful of new-model conversations are really just the same old-model wolfs in new-model sheep’s clothing. Simply put, those old school discussions are more about gaining dominant control than sustainability, structural deficits, artistic excellence, or any other popular spin points (a topic we explored in greater detail in an article from 2/28/2011). There’s always a stakeholder […]

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Desktop and Laptop

A Case Study In The Value Of Responsive Design

In advance of the responsive orchestra website review later this week, it makes sense to provide a working example of not only what responsive design is, but why it is a necessary component for contemporary performing arts org web design. In order to get a really good idea of just how effective responsive web design is at producing both desktop and mobile versions of a website via single source contact, take a look at a psychopath; or to be more accurate, the Lost Colony’s Psychopath: Haunted Island website. In 2013, Venture Platform […]

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