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Best. Retort. Ever.

I could sit and read the article published today by conductor Bill Eddins every hour, on the hour and not get tired of it. It is just that good. Eddins’ post is in response to one of the most egregious acts of an Emperor parading around in the buff in as long of a time as I can remember. Initially, today’s post was going to address the imperial streaking, but Eddins says everything I wanted to say but with far more panache; so there’s no sense in serving up ground chuck when […]

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Some Thoughts On Healthcare Costs And Orchestras

In the wake of a Facebook rant on the increase my healthcare insurance provider proposed this year, just north of 20 percent, a few colleagues wrote to ask my opinion on whether or not the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have any impact on small to mid size budget orchestras. I can’t claim to be an ACA expert and I would be surprised if anyone would be able to provide a reliable answer, but for most small budget orchestras, it seems that the ACA will have marginal impact. The only exception here […]

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…And We Didn’t Even Get A Kiss

The always sharp Joe Patti published an excellent article on 6/24/2013 that examines just little some governments care about culture. In particular, he examines the state of New Jersey’s hate-hate relationship with the arts by way of their decision to pilfer a dedicated arts tax. Instead of providing more funding as more revenue comes in to the dedicated tax, the state is raking the excess revenue into the general coffers. “…the tax generated more than $1.1 billion for state and local governments since it was introduced 10 years ago, but only $184 million […]

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Way To Go Hawks!

Even though the NHL strike obliterated most of the season, it’s good to have a hard fought Stanley Cup match featuring my local team, the Chicago Blackhawks. Each game of the playoffs was a roller coaster of excitement and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra decided to get into the spirit by releasing their own version of the Blackhawks goal song, Chelsea Dagger featuring their team Captain Ricardo Muti, although it’s curious why they didn’t spring for the Jonathan Toews #19 jersey with the team Captain “C” emblem. In case you haven’t heard the […]

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Three Things To Watch In Nashville

Over the weekend, news reports from Nashville indicate a deal between the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (NSO) and Bank of America (BoA) may be announced as early as today. Multiple sources claim long time NSO supporter Martha Ingram maybe the new variable in the equation, nonetheless, here are three things crucial to the NSO’s potential success you need to keep an eye on. 1) Managing Debt Making the decision to address financial problems by focusing on settling bank debt before engaging in labor negotiations is a bold strategic move that distinguishes the NSO from peers […]

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