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Two Years Later And Not Much Change In Yelp Presence

Back on 12/5/2011 I published an article that examined the pros and cons of orchestras creating a strong Yelp presence via ticket buyer reviews. At that point in time, even the largest and best known orchestras had a very small Yelp presence and since then, not much has changed. For example, the Chicago Symphony had 81 reviews in 2011 which moved to 98 and the San Francisco Symphony had 140 reviews in 2011 and that jumped up to 180. What’s interesting to note is that in many of the reviews since 2011, […]

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New Office View

Up And Running

There’s nothing quite like a move to reaffirm the comfort of stability but change is good and mercifully, all went according to plan so today can be spent getting everything back in order. In the meantime, make sure you didn’t miss yesterday’s news about the musicians of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra voted to decertify and become a non-union orchestra. According to a report by Adam Parker in the 10/25/2013 edition of the Charleston Post and Courier, the vote passed with a 64 percent majority. It will be interesting to see how this […]

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Moving Day!

All things being equal, today marks the official moving day to the new office in downtown Chicago and assuming internet connections get installed, activated, then hooked up as planned we should be back up and running by Wednesday. Until then, the new contact info has been posted at the business websites and social media profiles; speaking of which, if you aren’t already connected, take a moment to reach out. Facebook Profile Facebook Business Page Twitter (for blog) Twitter (for business) LinkedIn Google+    

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The Very Worst Of Modern Executive Culture

If it seems like there hasn’t been much news in the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) labor dispute, you aren’t imagining things. However, there was a kerfuffle earlier in the month over revelations that the organization paid President and CEO Michael Henson huge bonuses at the same time the institution was gearing up for what would become the ongoing season killing lockout. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the MOA released statements justifying the bonuses and showed no sign of reconsidering their decision. Consequently, much angst was vented in social media and comment threads at traditional newspaper […]

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National Arts Marketing Conference Session

It’s Now Or Never!

Today is the final day to register for the 2013 National Arts Marketing Project Conference (#NAMPC), November 8-11 in lovely Portland, OR. If you’re all signed up and have your travel and lodging booked then you’re all set but it isn’t too late to make a snap decision and if you do, make sure you carve out time on Sunday 11/10/13 from 1:45pm – 3:15pm PST for the Winning Websites session. I’ll be participating on the panel alongside Opéra de Montréal Director of Sales and Marketing, Guillaume Thérien and moderator Ceci Dadisman, Palm […]

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