Up And Running

There’s nothing quite like a move to reaffirm the comfort of stability but change is good and mercifully, all went according to plan so today can be spent getting everything back in order. In the meantime, make sure you didn’t miss yesterday’s news about the musicians of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra voted to decertify and become a non-union orchestra.

According to a report by Adam Parker in the 10/25/2013 edition of the Charleston Post and Courier, the vote passed with a 64 percent majority. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds; likewise, it will be interesting to see if any of the musicians among the 36 percent who voted against the decision decide to speak out.

We’ll almost certainly take a closer look at all of this once everything is up to full speed here at Adaptistration’s new downtown Chicago home.

New Office View

A picturesque view from the new office during the late afternoon looking north along Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive.



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