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Time To Man Up

We’re going to continue taking a cue from public radio with another variation on their more successful pledge drive themes, as defined by June Thomas’ excellent 2009 article in Slate Magazine on the topic of public radio pledge drives, to help promote the Orchestra 990 Database Project’s Kickstarter campaign. Today’s Appeal Is About Gallantry: Time To Man Up If the recent round of post economic downturn labor disputes have taught us anything, it is that most stakeholders don’t know nearly as much about orchestras as they thought. With all the cuts in traditional arts coverage, […]

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Giving Program Pick For February, 2014: The Rest Is Noise

This month’s Giving Program pick is the always popular blog from the ever-sharp king of classical music culture, Alex Ross. His blog, The Rest Is Noise, is arguably the most popular culture blog around and it doesn’t take much to realize why. Granted, you might find his publishing platform a bit too austere for its own good. For instance, beyond the search function, there are no date based or category archives nor will you find any tag clouds. For the record, his initial post was on April 24, 2004 but it would […]

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Canadian vs US parity

Compared To US Peers, Canadian Orchestras Have Better Substitute Pay Rate Parity

Following up on yesterday’s article about substitute musician pay rate disparity among US orchestras, I thought it would be interesting to see if there were any differences in how Canadian orchestras approach the issue; and based on the data, it appears there’s quite a bit of difference. Just over two thirds of Canadian symphonic orchestras compensate substitute musicians at the same per-service rate of pay as contracted musicians. In case you missed yesterday’s post detailing how per-service rates are determined from musicians earning a salary based income, open the following toggle to […]

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Approximately one third of orchestras in this list do not maintain substitute pay parity.

The Data Behind Substitute Pay Rates

Throughout the series of posts about the substitute musician pay disparity at the Minnesota Orchestra Association there were a number of reader comments asserting anecdotal evidence over how common the practice was among professional orchestras. Since then, I’ve taken the time to evaluate the data and have uncovered some fascinating information. Before diving into the figures, it is important to understand how they were processed. For instance, most orchestras pay substitute and extra musicians via a per-service rate, with a service typically defined as a standard rehearsal or concert event. But for […]

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Another 10 Year Anniversary & Muñoz Gets Phoenix

I want to take a moment to highlight the 10 year anniversary for Joe Patti’s excellent culture blog, Butts In The Seats; Musings on Practical Solutions For Arts Management. I was enormously pleased when Joe decided to include his blog among the Inside The Arts ranks and with nearly 1,500 posts it is one of the longest running culture blogs around. If you aren’t already familiar with Joe’s blog, stop by and set aside a meaningful amount of time to go through everything Butts In The Seats has to offer. Phoenix Symphony Taps […]

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