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How To Create Relevant JDs for 21st Century Arts Marketers

We must have reached a tipping point in this business and whatever the reason, all I know is that the last several weeks have seen a few dozen requests from CEOs and VPs cross my inbox related to what sorts of tech oriented skill sets should be included on contemporary marketing, box office, and communication job descriptions (JD). Most of my Venture Platform users do this on a regular basis whenever an opening arises because they’ve grown to value marketing and communication employees that possess skill sets that let them hit the […]

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Was Your Group Late To The Domain Name Party?

In case you missed it, .com, .org, and .net extensions aren’t the only options for top level domain extensions and the current transition period isn’t unlike the switch from three primary network television providers to the hundreds that came into existence once cable entered the scene. If your organization was slow on the domain name registration draw ( belongs to Boston, not Baltimore, Bakersfield, Broward, Baton Rouge, Bangor, Bloomington, or Billings) or haven’t come up with a clever way to recapture part of the acronym (like BSOmusic, which belongs to Baltimore) then […]

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Tired Of The Ice Bucket Challenge?

Composer/keyboardist Jordan Rudess is sick of ice bucket challenge videos (h/t Ed Goldstein) but unlike most of us who just gripe about it, he did something creative by coming up with his own variation: playing an uber-cool, not-so-easy, chromatic riff in 13/8 while talking about his day. Post by Jordan Rudess. Just in case you need the notes…

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Atlanta Again? Still.

Well it looks like the news is now official although there have been rumblings about it throughout the usual channels for weeks now: the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) is headed toward another ugly labor dispute. Anyone who kept a close eye on the 2012 dispute likely understood that the settlement was anything but a resolution. If you missed that work stoppage you can catch up on the details via Adaptistration’s Atlanta Symphony article index and then head over to the 8/25/14 edition of ArtsATL which published a good overview of impending doom […]

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Self-Inflicted Wounds

There’s a fascinating blog post by John Pavlovitz from 8/15/2014 that’s worth your time. If you’re wondering who John Pavlovitz is, join the club. I have no idea beyond what’s available at his about page, but his post caught my eye because a great deal of it applies to the orchestra field; so much so that you can practically swap out a few keys words from his topic (church/religion) with those from our field (i.e. orchestra/classical music) without diluting the impact. Edited Title: Church Orchestra, Here’s Why People Are Leaving You. Edited Opening: […]

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