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Following Up On Contemporary Music And Ticket Sales

In case you missed it, there was a fascinating discussion going on in the comment thread of the Five Articles People Should Stop Writing post that evolved into the topic of whether or not contemporary music can attract audiences and sell tickets. Within the thread, I hinted at an article in works on that very topic at Neo Classical and on 3/30/2015 that article went live. The post actually serves as a final installment in a series of articles that chronicled a performance of Jennifer Higdon’s Violin Concerto by Neo Classical’s author, […]

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Get Your Government Affairs Groove On

Sarah Marczynski published an article at ArtsHacker on 3/27/2015 titled 10 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Legislator and all 10 are worthwhile tips and it made me think about one of the most overlooked areas of governance we haven’t examined in a few years: the need to establish and maintain an effective government affairs committee. It never ceases to amaze me at how many arts groups either neglect to leverage the value from city and state lobbying efforts. In some cases, there are misperceptions about nonprofits and lobbying but […]

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The Performance Simulator, Now With Realistic Backstage Ambiance!

WQXR’s Conducting Business podcast with host Naomi Lewin and producer Brian Wise published an episode on 3/26/2015 that examines the Performance Simulator, a facility located at The Royal College of Music that claims to create performance-like conditions in the confines of a regular practice room. The goal, according to the program’s guest, Dr. Aaron Williamon, a professor of performance science at the Royal College of Music who helped to develop the technology, is to “help performers learn to cope with the heightened pressures of a stage environment.” Here’s how Williamon described the […]

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Venture Event Manager 2.5

The Venture Platform’s Next Big Thing

Last month, we crossed the latest threshold in The Venture Platform’s evolution with the release of Venture Event Manager (VEM) 2.5. We’re not content with resting on our laurels following the tremendous growth in 2014 and this upgrade to Venture’s cornerstone functionality is the most profound piece of coding since we launched in 2011; moreover, it reaffirms Venture’s position as the most advanced event management system in a managed website development solution. In order to help celebrate the 2.5 release, we designed a brand new microsite dedicated to everything VEM 2.5 offers […]

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Activating Demographics Reporting In Google Analytics

I published an article today at ArtsHacker that provides step by step instructions on how to activate one of the most important settings anyone with a Google Analytics account should be using. Ironically enough, the setting isn’t activated by default so you do need to pop in and click a single button buried inside an existing Reporting admin panel. The whole thing won’t take more than 30 seconds and if I write anything more, it will spoil the entire process. As such, head over to the post and open up a brand new […]

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