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Get To Know The ArtsHackers

It was a weekend of platform updates at and one area that benefitted from a major makeover are the contributor profiles. You can now click through to either individual bio or article archive pages for each author right from the main contributor page. Andy Campbell: bio | articles Ceci Dadisman: bio | articles Jonathan Eifert: bio | articles David J. Loehr: bio | articles Sarah Marczynski: bio | articles Philip Paschke: bio | articles Joe Patti: bio | articles Samantha Teter: bio | articles Drew McManus: bio | articles There’s also […]

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Win-Win Friday: Elevating Hiring Practices

It’s no secret that finding qualified applicants for incredibly demanding positions within the ranks of middle and entry level orchestra administration is no simple task but are we making this already difficult task even more difficult thanks to unrealistic expectations or failing to use applicable criteria? Joe Patti posted a terrific article on this topic on 8/24/15 and as it turns out, the topic is fairly popular right now and Patti references posts on this topic from Seth Godin and Vu Le. For the most part, the field spends a great deal […]

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NAMPC 2015

Ack! Early-Bird Registration (AND DISCOUNTS) For #NAMPC 2105 End This Friday

The early bird deadline for the 2015 NAMP Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah is right around the corner; this Friday, August 28th to be precise, so if you haven’t registered already then get in gear or you’ll miss out on those sweet early bird discounts. As mentioned back in May, I’ll be leading a session titled Click. Click. Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills along with Google Analytics rock stars Ceci Dadismanand Marc van Bree. It’s going to be a very hands-on type of session where you’ll be able to put lessons into motion in real time […]

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Stepping Up The Nonprofit CRM Challenge

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems seem to be a popular topic this season; in July, 2015, Nonprofit Quarterly ran an article that discussed the rabbit hole that is evaluating and identifying CRM proposals (which we examined here) and the 8/12/2015 edition of published an opinion piece by a CRM CEO lamenting the lack of providers in that field which offer nonprofits solutions they really need (h/t You’veCottMail). The latest article, written by Virtuous Software CEO, Gabe Cooper, blasts mainstream CRM providers for failing to provide solutions that provide the sort of […]

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Not Only Will Live Symphonic Music Get You Laid, But Your City Is Crap If You Don’t Have An Orchestra

In a recent interview with The Evening Standard’s David Smyth, singer-songwriter Ben Folds recently expanded on his previous sentiments that live orchestra concerts are an ideal vehicle to maximize verbing the adjective noun by declaring “there are two kinds of cities: those that have symphony orchestras and those that are crap.” There are two kinds of cities: those that have symphony orchestras and those that are crap.” Ben Folds is on stage addressing the people of San Diego, whose city is not crap. At 48, the musician from North Carolina, known for […]

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