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Old Navy Fail

What A Way To End 2015: Old Navy Dissuades Children From A Career In The Arts

Apparently, some among the decider ranks within clothing retailer Old Navy don’t think very much of a career in the arts, as evidenced by a children’s t-shirt they are selling that displays the slogan “YOUNG ASPIRING ARTIST.” in big, bold Serif font but the word “ARTIST” is scratched out and the career choice of either “Astronaut” or “President” is written below in a sans-serif handwritten font (h/t @HESherman). Multiple designs slagging artists? Not cool @OldNavy. Insulting @Gap. Way to lose customers. — Howard Sherman (@HESherman) December 29, 2015 Perhaps unsurprisingly, the […]

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There’s A New Inside The Arts Author Coming In 2016

Shortly after it was launched in November, 2007, Inside The Arts grew include a several new culture blogs in the space of a few years and over that time, some of the outlets have welcomed new authors but we haven’t seen a brand new blog since 2011. That’s going to change in 2016. I’m pleased to announce that Inside The Arts will have a brand new outlet featuring a brand new author on (or about) Monday, February 1, 2016. We’re currently in the process of finalizing the title, about content, etc. so […]

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Adaptistration People 120

The Times (UK) Reports Some Rare Violins Are Fake. But You Already Knew That…

The 12/28/2015 edition of The Times (UK) published an article by Hugo Rifkind that reports a third of rare violins within the $20,000 to $100,000 selling price range are fake. At least, that’s according to violin dealer, Florian Leonhard; but for long time Adaptistration readers, that news is more than a decade old. For those unaware, and this is an absolutely fascinating part of orchestra field history, back in 2004, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) purchased a collection of rare string instruments from Herbert Axelrod. Long story short, many of the […]

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Brinkmanship On The Rise In Hartford

The holiday season didn’t seem to have much impact on softening attitudes in the Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) labor dispute; if anything, the employer has come out swinging harder than before with a threat to shut down the organization after the end of January, 2016 if musicians do not accept proposed cuts. Although the term “shutting down” may appear to be straightforward, it is an excellent example of just how much lies under the surface of a seemingly straightforward position. According to a 12/19/2015 Associated Press report by Stephen Singer, the HSO […]

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