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Too Metal To Miss

I know, we had a video post earlier in the week and doing two in the same week is decidedly outside the norm for Adaptistration but this one was too good not to blog about. First and foremost, it helps to frame the discussion by saying that I am a fan of good heavy metal and when that can be combined with traditional classical music, all the better. Unfortunately, most of those efforts are a big miss but when it works, it’s usually fantastic. Case in point, composer/arranger/guitarist Connor Gallagher has been […]

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Improved Marketing In An Environment Of Utter Chaos

Among the most valuable responses that come in each year from the reader segmentation are the topics readers would like to see more of in the coming year. My favorite from the most recent bunch simply said “improved marketing in an environment of utter chaos” (I edited out a colorful adjective, you can have fun inserting one on your own). And once you get past the entertaining phrasing and really think about the request, defining “utter chaos” isn’t as straightforward as it seems on the surface. Does it define office working relationships, […]

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Do You Know About The Ten Point Test For Determining If A Worker Is An Employee Or Independent Contractor?

Pop quiz: do smaller budget orchestras classify musicians as employees or independent contractors? Regardless how you answered, you’re both right and wrong. But that question is beginning to move toward something more straightforward following a recent decision by the District of Columbia Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that determined musicians of the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra (LSO) were decidedly employees. Historically, the LSO classified musicians as independent contractors but the roughly $1.5mm budget orchestra entered rough labor waters nearly a […]

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It’s Only Tuesday, So Why Does It Feel Like Friday?

We usually save fun posts for the end of the week but for whatever reason, it feels like the end of the week and that’s good enough for me. First up is a video from the Berlin Philharmonic horn section, playing he Hunting Chorus from Freischütz* inside a cable car. On the surface, that would seem to be a remarkably loud setting but they don’t seem to mind. The really fun part arrives after they get to the top of the mountain and continue playing out in the cold. Don’t miss the adorable […]

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The Moment You Realized You Weren’t Going To Win A Job

What a treat to talk shop with Andrew Hitz from The Entrepreneurial Musician podcast. We managed to cover a great deal of ground thanks to the luxury of time Hitz dedicates to each production; working with professionals who care enough about production values and have genuine hosting skills to never gets old. One unique component of this interview is how it kicks off via a musician connection. Hitz is a professional tubist working in the Mid-Atlantic area and we start off the conversation talking about my days as a once-aspiring tuba player, including […]

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